Thursday, July 27, 2006

Falling in Love

Romance is an amazing thing. The tender newness of the relationship. You meet, both of you so hesitant, so worried that the other won't like you, much less love you. But the other! The incredible beauty of their eyes when your eyes finally meet, the quick intake of breath as you realize there is something there, something utterly unexplainable and ethereal and yet so real it is tangible. The exclusion, as your mouths touch, the tender feeling of hesitant exploration. The soft touching, so sweet, so slow. The whispers, to and from, float in murmurs hushed across the small space separating you. The two of you own the world. In this room there is nothing and no one but the two of you. You realize with an otherworldly sense that you know so much more about the other already than you thought possible. The people who watch these two lovers gaze adoringly at each other to the exclusion of all else realize they are watching the birth of something precious and new. Love, amazing, delicious, uncertain, tender, and sweet. Meet my new love.

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Her name is Gilly, she is a citron crested Cockatoo. She also belongs to a friend of mine. While I have always admired large birds, they are kind of scary with those big beaks that could crush your finger in a heartbeat. Gilly is new to my friend who took her as a rescue bird, sort of. Gilly's broken heart shows in her actions as she tries to keep others at a claw's length from her heart. But me? She loved me from the moment she saw me. Once she climbed on my shoulder, started whispering in my ear and kissing me, I realized while she might nip me with that mighty beak, she would never actually hurt me. A new love. sigh, I am head over heels and I think she is wonderful.

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Yesterday when I left my friend's home, I could hear my beloved friend in the house, screeching her disappointment at my departure. I can't wait to go see her again. My friend and Gilly that is!

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She's lovely.

Susanna said...

Oh, she is so sweet and cute! No wonder you've fallen in love!

That was a wonderful way of writing it: and a totally unexpected twist. Very funny.