Thursday, August 31, 2006

I am still in my jammies...

... and it is almost 2 in the afternoon. What does that tell you? It tells you that just like it always does, messing with Little Man's meds sends us to hell. Two nights and very little sleep. I just spoke with the psychiatrist and told him this is quickly turning into a serious crisis at the Tangled House. Part of the problem is Bald Man and I have spent far too many years sleep deprived and we just don't have it in us anymore to do the sleepless nights thing.Neither one of us have the reserves to be able to cope physically or mentally with not enough sleep for nights in a row. One night is doable. Two? Uh uh and three? We won't discuss the implications. I have been too tired today and completely useless. The only reason I am able to update now is I just finished a can of Mountain Dew and I am feeling like perhaps I am not the living dead. So we will do some increases (again) tonight and pray this works. At least the doctor said if we get another bad night we are going to pull out some big guns.
The good news? The meds do seem to be helping Little Man's mood and aggression. He is less anxious, which is great and he has been sooo sweet! I am remembering why I like him so very much. I had forgotten, really, in dealing with all the crap day to day. By the way? School started a week and half ago and this kid is still home. I am riding the school district and telling them to hurry up! Gosh darn it all anyway. Do you know what a big difference it would make to miss a night's sleep and them hustle him off on the bus and drop back into bed instead of doing the intensive kind of care he takes in the mornings? ARGH! I am sure it must be Condelezza's fault since this has all happened since we roasted in the car waiting for her gas guzzling motorcade to go by.
Don't let anyone fool you. Caring for a disabled child 24/7 is alot of work, not much fun and right now, not particularly rewarding. We love him, don't get me wrong, but boy oh boy, I would kill for not feeling so tired right now. I look around at all the stuff that needs to get done, (Brown Boy will be here this weekend) but I am just too tired to do anything.
This is just the largest thing we have looming in the household right now. We are also battling Little Man's insurance (again!) for his very expensive formula that he has to have to live. I spent, no kidding, 5 hours on the phone yesterday. That is a story for another day though. Pray for sleep peeps!

3 Kids Who Want To Play:

Priscilla Pseudonym said...

Ah, do you do it? Yes, I'll ask Whomever to get some sleep to you soon, and let's hope the school district gets with the program sometime this century. Are they allowed by law to not have an IEP for Little Man? He goes to public school, right? DAMMIT! (sorry)

Jenny said...

Jo, If I ever win millions in the lottery I am buying you a vacation and a live in Nanny to go with.

Granny said...

What's with the school district? Sounds like they're breaking the law somehow.

Please get some rest.