Thursday, September 14, 2006

Tag, He's It

Tag, Bald Man is IT! By it, I mean he can sneak a few minutes in here and there and try to sleep at the hospital with Little Man. And me? Me? I am going to sleep all night my Bloggy Friends, in my own bed, minus one snoring Bald Man.
And, since pictures are worth a thousand words, I will let them tell the story.

Little Man yesterday:

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And I mean ALL day. Asleep, almost non responsive.

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Look at those eyelashes! They are to die for. I figured I might as well enjoy my little sleeping beauty.

Little Man for the first half of today:
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And finally, progress!
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There ya go, one of the most precious smiles on the planet. His eyes might be at half mast, but still! He is looking better. I can see a glimpse of my boy here andthere. By the end of the evening he was more responsive, and could point to something he wanted and has said about 5 words. He can bear weight on his legs for a short time and even took a step. He is smiling and laughing sometimes, (mostly when he wipes his excessive drool on me!) He took a few sips of gatorade, so his swallowing is much improved. He is still not at 100%, but he is improving.
They did more tests today, to make sure they are not missing anything. We saw LOTS of doctors, well, they say they are doctors, but mostly they look like the High School student body officers. One of the doctors said Little Man is very fragile right now and that they are worried about him. UM, NOT words a parent wants to hear. He is in the right place, being monitored closely.
And our family? Tolerating it far too well. By that I mean it has become the norm for Little Man to spend time in the hospital. We are on the neuro floor, 3rd time for that floor. Sad, I keep turning the wrong way because we were at the other end of the hallway last time. It is really sad what human beings can become immune to. My kid being in the hospital used to be sooo traumatic. Don't get me wrong, I am worried sick about him, but the being in the hospital its self is routine. I am used to how the whole thing works, and very, very sadly, so is my son. This is the life of the chronically ill.
Thanks for peeking in, the doctor said today not to expect to go home for a few more days. Sigh.

4 Kids Who Want To Play:

Klynn said...

Oh thank goodness. I was so worried when your blog was down this morning. I couldn't get to it at all. I even emailed Caer, trying to find someone who could contact you and make sure all was ok. She probably thinks I'm nuts.

So glad things are improving. Hope he shocks you all and is better in record time.

I understand all too well about being familiar with hospitals. I know the local NICU like the back of my hand. *sigh*

Thoughts and prayers still coming your way.

Hope said...

I just wanted to de-lurk and say that I've been reading your blog and really enjoying it. As the mother of a child with a chronic medical condition, I can empathize with what you said about being terribly afraid, but used to it at the same time. Hope that Little Man is feeling much improved soon, and that they are treating you well. We spent a week at PCMC in SLC a few years ago, and for the most part, were really impressed by everyone who cared for our son.

Good thoughts and prayers are being sent to you...

Sugar Pixie said...

OH MY GOODNESS, I hadn't checked in a while and I had no idea this was going on! Poor Little Man! And poor parents! Hang in there, guys, and here's hoping everything gets better really soon...

Jane said...

Good thoughts and prayers for you...and thank you for yours. WE are both seeing more of hospitals this week than we want to.