Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Things Are Looking Up

Your good thoughts must have worked! Along with Yondalla's superpowers. We got to Sick Kids R Us and there was NO wait at the medical imaging! And the contrast study says everything is going where it needs to be. Whoo hoo. If anything is going on, it is either not a big deal, or it will need to get worse. Anyway, a very short trip and I am home again, and things are looking up. I am so happy, really! We are going to just run Pedilyte tonight, and see how things go.
Really, this just seems like a bit much. I would hate for anyone to think I am being overly whiny or being a hypochondriac mom, but come on, it has just not been my day the last few days, right?

3 Kids Who Want To Play:

Yondalla said...

You are not whiny -- and I am very glad that things are looking better.

I wish you a peaceful sleep.

K J and the kids said...

When you've dealt with the issues that you've had to deal with....meaning one crappy thing after another...and then your kids comes down with a fever, vomitting and listelssness. YOU WORRY !
Hell I worried.
I'm certain the doctors did too.
I'm glad it's just the flu (crossing fingers)

Ambitious Blonde said...

When your kid has surgeon-created holes of the not normally occurring variety in him or her you are abso-bloody-loutely allowed to be a hypochondriac mom.

So glad things are looking up for you, dear Jo. :)