Friday, April 18, 2008

Fix-it Friday

Confessions of a cheapskate. I HATE paying full price for just about anything. You should see all my kids when we go to the store. "Mom, this is only such and such a unit but that one is way more! This one is a better deal." My kids were raised with me going around at the grocery store and using a calculator to figure out the per unit price. Thank goodness now they usually have them on the shelf sticker! Saves me time. I love sales, I love thrift stores, AND I have found out the joys of the pawn shop for electronics and DVD's.
With all my penny pinchingness, there is nothing that sends more thrills down my spine than the word FREE! I have a good friend who I have known for years. We share a love of books, caring for a medically fragile child, we laugh at the same things and we LOVE to garage sale. I am calling her the Purple Queen (PQ) on my blog. Well PQ has introduced me to the incredible ease and joy of lots FREE samples. I was okay at getting free stuff. A Mr. Clean Magic Eraser here, a Swiffer duster there. But PQ has convinced me that any week that contains less than 3 free samples is a sad week indeed. Something I am not good at is putting things in the mail. If it involves me finding an envelope and putting a stamp on it, you can probably count on me NOT doing it. BUT. The internet? Oh I am so okay with filling in boxes and hitting send. Bet you are too! PQ has shown me the light. The happy place where hitting send is receiving samples of makeup and dogfood and CHOCOLATE in the mail. And now. Lucky you. I am passing on PQ's goodness to you. Enjoy.
For those of you who hate Wally World, I am sorry. It is probably the easiest place to sign up for free samples. If you are a Wally hater, (I don't blame you, I hate them too, but I am too poor to skip them completely) But here is their free sample link and they update often. LOVE IT!
Walmart Free Samples This week includes L'Oreal skin care, John Frieda's frizz ease and other goodies.
Another lovely website is Weekly Freebies. They have a twice a week update on freebies. Oh wow! AND they will send you a weekly email newsletter, so you won't even have to remember to go check the website. But you still will, because their mid week update is so worth it. My favorite from this week was a Scotchbrite disposible toilet bowl brush. I am complete sucker for new cleaning products.
Every Friday, the sweetest mommy blogger puts up some free things on her website Big Blueberry Eyes. Anyone for some free granola and chips?
Like to craft? Like things that are free? This place is for you!
Free crafty stuff
How about some free software for little kids? Pea loves the stuff I downloaded from Hiya. We have Old MacDonald and some other fun kid's things.
Little Man adores the Starfall educational website, he plays it at school in the computer lab.
So do you have any FREE things you would like to share? I would be very interested.

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Katie said...

I love free stuff, I just can't stand the spam emails that comes with it!
My post went up earlier, the actual fix it bit is hidden under this weeks news though sorry.

elizasmom said...

Oooh, we are Starfall addicts ourselves. Love that site. And it's good, too — Eliza has definitely learned from it.

Jessica G. said...

Keep whispering those sweet-nothings...Free...

Jill said...

Did you say FREE CHOCOLATE????

I must know more!