Friday, January 14, 2011

On Hiatus

A quick update and my reason. My laptop died. I am incredibly sad and I feel like I lost my lifeline with the world. Rest in peace Bitty Bytes, you were a good friend!
I still have the use of the desktop, but it is very limiting in terms of my life, because I can't use my snuggle time with my boy as cyber time. So poof, there went my two hours of internet time I used to get. I am saving for a new one, and really, truly, I will be back to blogging, eventually.
Other news.
This Christmas rocked in a HUGE way. Pygmy Child, Brown Boy and Tigger joined us for Christmas. My sweet little grandson took one look at me, held out his arms to meet, and I held him, smiling and crying at the same time. I miss them more than I can say.
We have been having issues the last couple of years with my sons. Let me see how to explain it... well, Oldest Son wasn't speaking to Tank. Tank wasn't mad at Oldest Son, but they weren't speaking. JJ wasn't speaking to Oldest Son. Oldest Son was fine with JJ, but they weren't speaking either. ARGH! One of the upsides of my kids is they have always gotten along so well! It was a source of pride and joy to me that my children loved each other so much. Or did. Or something like that. But you know about pride and all that.
So, as I knew that all SIX of my kids and their various significant others and my six beautiful grand babies would be here too, I have been planning a family picture. My own personal Christmas miracle was my children all making up with each other and I got my picture! I don't have it back yet, but I will post it when I do. It was a beautiful Christmas, filled with so much love and laughter. Probably my favorite memories of it, is laying in my bed snuggling my boy, listening to the laughter filtering up the stairs as my children enjoyed each other's company. I do feel intensely blessed. Peace and Love, Christmas 2010! I got exactly what I prayed for, for Christmas, I hope you did too!
We LOVE living here, Little Man's school and after school program continue to be a huge blessing in our lives as they help us with his problems. I am working and loving it! Just part time, but it has been fun to get so much positive feedback.
Feel free to drop me an email, I am probably more reachable that way currently, I do check my email usually in the morning and evening. (
I hope all of you are opening this new year with a sense of hope, and promise, knowing there are so many opportunities out there for you, to be all of who YOU are. MWAH to all of you.

3 Kids Who Want To Play:

Kristina P. said...

Grrr! I was in Target on Tuesday night, but it was after you closed. I need to come see you in the morning, you crazy stalker you. :)

Bonnie the Boss said...

It sounds like you had a crazy fun Christmas. Muah to you as well.

Laura said...

Jo, glad to hear of your Christmas miracle, and glad to hear that your life is going so well! I'll continue to pop in once in awhile, because I like to hear good news about your wonderful family. Happy 2011!

Love, Laura