Monday, August 31, 2009

Macro Mountain Monday

First of all, thank you, all of you who didn't just forget I existed. Your comments were so sweet with our little announcement. Pygmy Child and Brown Boy are expecting their little bundle sometime the middle of April and we couldn't be more thrilled. While we wouldn't mind a change of pace and having a grandson, Brown Boy's mama, the "other" grandmother had only sons and is really wanting a granddaughter. I feel so richly blessed, so we are actually hoping for another girl. BUT, we will adore and spoil rotten whatever the Lord sends.
I am slowly reading and commenting on everyones' blogs again, so no fear, if you haven't heard from me today, you will in the next couple of days.
As for my blog hiatus, nothing terribly bad happened, but lots of little, not so great things did happen, including our Little Man losing his ever loving mind and ours too in the process. Once again, nothing huge, but lots of little things. Now he is back in school. Whew. Same school, same teacher, most of the same kids, the transition back to school has been really good. Little Man seems to be settling down, and we are all starting to breathe again.
Macro photography is basically close up pictures and enlarge-ifying of subjects, hence, the "macro" part. I love you so much, I went out and took a whole roll of film for you. Well, it would have been a whole roll, if I were using film. So I think I should get the credit as if I did use film and have it developed, even if I didn't. Don't you?

One frog yes. If you look close, you can see another one!

A turquoise dragonfly!

This spot is just so very lovely!

If you en-big-ify the picture, perhaps you can see someone hiding in the mossy algae.

I kind of hate to mention it, but the rose hips are telling us even though the weather is still hot and sunny, fall is closer than we think!

Who knew a plain 'ole weed could be so pretty?

I am going to have to a separate post on the grandbabies, but for your entertainment and delight, Buttercup is cooing, smiling and laughing now! This is your official warning. The level of cuteness in the next picture is unmeasurable because it is off the scale. Look at your own risk. Tangled-me does not take responsibilty for any lethal cute overdoses, or bruises and broken bones that may happen if you fall over from being overcuted. Okay, ready?

Told you so!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

OMG! (Oh my gosh)

***edited to add***
Oldest child, Pygmy Child and her husband Brown Boy.

April. FIVE people! FIVE. I am getting old!

Monday, August 03, 2009

Guest Post

I have a guest post over at Mormon Mommy Blogs.