Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Even Better!

Come and do the extubation happy dance with me! She is breathing on her own and doing better. Still in the ICU, but I feel like the weight of the world is off my shoulders. And now she can talk, so I will just ask her if she wants me to come.
Thank you, thank you, your kind words, thoughts and prayers make a world of difference.


I slept last night with the phone next to me, dreading to hear it ring. It never did. I slept off and on, kept waking up, had some bad dreams.
This morning, my sister, Little and Loud called to say that mom is somewhat improved. She is still intubated, but doing some breathing on her own. Her heart, lungs and kidneys all have improved function.
My mom is so ferocious about her health. I always ask if she wants me to come when she has a surgery, but she always tells me not to make a big deal out of it. If I went without her approval, I would face her wrath later.
I have been planning a trip out there to visit for the middle of Oct for months, so I waver between, do I go now, or wait?
My sister is going to ask my mom if she wants me there, and of course, if she says yes, I will drive as fast as I can to get there.
Part of me says to wait, and go in Oct, and help her while she is recovering. We shall see.
Thank you so much for your kind prayers and thoughts. You have made my vigil much less lonely.

Monday, September 28, 2009

No Pictures

My mom had surgery today for her haital hernia, and she is just not doing well. They had to intubate her and she is in the ICU. Her heart, her lungs, and her kidneys are all not doing well. Please send prayers and good thoughts. I am just so not ready to say goodbye to my mom.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Fallish Mountain Monday

What a huge difference from last week to this week. Those of you in the area experienced the drastic drop in temperature and the big storm that came in today. It is starting to feel like Autumn around here. I would be happier if I didn't know that 6 months of winter was straight on Fall's heels. I am praying for a nice, long Autumn.

Encouraged by the requests of her adoring fans, Ms. Tenacious is making an appearance today!

Oak leaves make a beautiful frame for mountains.

This is one of Ms. Tenacious cousins, from the same tree. I like acorns, I don't know why, but I think they are so pretty. I like that they come in two pieces too. A cap and the nut. Rather cool.

Autumn tinted rose hips. (Should you ever be in need of Vitamin C, rosehips have a great deal of it. Good cure for scurvy!)

Some of you will love this, and some of you won't, but there is no deny'n that the leaves are beginning to change color, like it or not.

Besides Fall being around the corner, it is soccer time again!

I LOVE watching my Little Man play soccer. I would never on purpose miss a game of his. There are few things that bring me as much delight as getting his soccer gear together and going, sitting in my little folding chair and cheering for my boy! The league he plays in is for children with disabilities and they play with other kids around their level.
I guess it means so much to me, because it is the closest thing to just being a regular ole mom to my boy. Love the other parents, love the other kids. Love the way everyone cheers for everyone else. Good times! His smile means the whole world to me!

Now, for the cuteness!

After the girls were done playing in the tiny pool, we decided Jack needed a bath. He was NOT amused. We were.

Our Buttercup!

Her eyes may be shut, but I can't resist her dimples!!

Check out these eyes! If they stay blue, they will be our first. Everyone else has brown eyes.

Thanks for dropping by, I love sharing my life in pictures with all of you. As usual, as I go through the pictures, trying to decide which ones are the best, (only the best for you, blog darlings!) I find myself feeling richly blessed.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Mountain Monday

The benefits from not posting for such a long time is that I have a LOT of pictures for Mountain Monday. The downside from not posting for such a long time is I have a LOT of pictures I need to whittle down to the shining few.

A few weeks ago, for our Saturday date, Bald Man and I went horseback riding up Logan Canyon. I saw the ad and it said Logan, and I was thinking, Logan isn't that far away. Um, for those of you who didn't know, like I didn't, Logan Canyon is a LONG canyon, and we very nearly ended up at Bear Lake. It all worked out just fine though, and it was so, so, so beautiful up there.

The day was cool, and the wind was blowing lightly. As we rode through the aspen grove, you could hear the creak of the leather in the saddles, the jingling of the metal pieces from the harnesses. Clopping horse hooves, with the occasional snap as a hoof clipped a rock, was a soothing cadence. The wind made the trees creak slowly and the sound of the river in the distance, murmuring gently, was poetry in real life. The sun was alternately shining and hiding behind the clouds. Enough so it was warm, but not enough to make it hot. It was utterly perfect, and when I close my eyes to think about it again, it still makes my heart fill with joy and my breathing to slow and deepen with the peace of the memory. It was stunningly beautiful in the canyon, but you don't have to take my word for it!

Little Man woke up, so I guess I am done with this post! No worries though, I am around and hopefully with get at least one more post this week, if not two.