Friday, March 30, 2007


First, Happy First Bloga-versary to Us! Wow, can you believe it has been a whole year this week? You have all brought an added measure of joy to my life and I want to thank each of you readers and/or commenters. Thank you!
And surprise, who should show up at my door more than a week early???

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Pgymy Child, much to my surprise and delight! She wasn't supposed to be here until the 3rd, but decided she just could not miss the time with her family. To say this week has been crazy would be a major understatement. Next week with the wedding on Friday, I am sure with kick up the insanity a few notches.

I decided to get my hair cut and color out the gray too.

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People who know me well will be shocked to find I chose to have my hair streaked. And guess what? I love it! I wanted a younger, funner hair style and I got it. I also got my bushy eyebrows and my mustache yanked off my face. It always amazes me that I am willing to PAY for that torture.
I went to an upscale clothing store to be professionally fitted for a bra. Guess what? Oprah is right. I went up 3! cup sizes and down a band size. My hubby asked if they were hiring...
I had the Princess measured too. She went down 3 band sizes and up 2 cup sizes. She was really mad at Victoria Secert for selling her expensive and ill fitting bras! If you have never been fitted, go! do! You won't regret it.

And lastly

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Monday, March 26, 2007

Mountain Monday Served with Dessert

It is still Monday in Utah, although midnight is quickly approaching. My day got away from me. I spent the day recovering from a less than pleasant weekend. Bald Man has a cold and I swear you would think he was dying. Geez, what a baby. And Little Man? If it were possible, I am sure he would request being grafted onto my thigh. He never left my side and he was very grumpy and high needs all weekend. I can not express the sense of relief I had this morning as the various family members returned to their weekday occupations.
Spring has sprung in Utah and I refuse to allow predictions of snow tomorrow to influence my opinion on this. I even have proof:

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I have no idea what kind of flowers those are, but they looked purty, so I thought I would share.

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The snow is receding and green is visible on the mountainsides.

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Nature's productions of the four seasons never fails to fill me appreciation and awe. The seasons are even more amazing when they are staged on the flanks of the mountains.

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And now for your dessert:

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

All Cute, All the Time

Today's post is about the cute. I will definitely save the cutest for last, to give you a chance to prepare yourself.
First off, Needle felting! I went to my friend, Drama Mama's house to introduce her to the joys of crafting from wool. Here she is, with her first project, a snowman!
She is throughly addicted now and I took her monday to my favorite drug wool dealer, and set her up with all the necessary things to needle felt.

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And then, to add to the whole needle felting cuteness fest going on here...I ordered a DVD from the Owning Alpacas blog. It is called Needle Felting a Dragon. And after much thought and pawing through my wool stash, I have finally chosen the colors for my new project.

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I will keep you posted on my progress as I go along. I am very excited to start it

And then.... what you have all been waiting for. The peak of all cuteness. Watch out, because I really think this might be a lethal dose of cute, and I am not kidding!

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Personally? I gotta go catch my breath after that!

Monday, March 19, 2007

A Very Tired Mountain Monday

Little Man decided to wake up at four this morning and never went back to sleep. I am very tired and I think I may have changed my mind about losing him... not really, but I am not a happy camper today. He also has caught a cold. He didn't have school today anyway, and I think with this cough he will probably be home again tomorrow. Bad news for me and perhaps for him if things don't take an upswing! ( I am sooo foul when I am tired!)
The weather has been sooo balmy and lovely. You will note the snow on the mountainsides is beginning to recede, so you will see the spring cycle begin. The poetry of the seasons dances outside my window. Remember the first snow last fall?

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This is a picture of Little Man before I lost him at the park. Amazing how a traumatic incident can mar your memory of the whole day. I had actually had a good day until I lost my son, but for some reason I can't get past that hour and the whole day has been colored with an ugly pen. Little Man looks sweet though. And hey he is perfectly fine.

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By the way, the policeman told us not to wait fifteen minutes next time. He told me I should have called the police after five minutes. That did make me feel like I didn't over react.
Speaking of that horrid day. Remember the gps unit? I had to unpack the boxes in my closet that were still packed from when we moved last year. I charged the unit, (3 times!) and tried to sync it up. Yah, whatever. Still didn't work. I called the support line and we are going to have to send it in and get another unit. Geez. I appreciate their response, but I am not happy at the time frame. Ah well.
A new week begins and I am hoping things will improve in the next couple of days. For right now, my Bald Man is home from work and I am going to run away for a bit, and put myself to bed early. Yay!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

And the Bad Mommy Award Goes to.....

ME! Oh my word, this afternoon goes down in my top five worst days of my life. Let me start at the beginning. Pea and Princess were over visiting, and we thought the weather was sooo beautiful,( a balmy 72 degrees) we would take Pea and Little Man to the park. It was a great idea until we decided to leave. I bent down to put the water bottle in the bag and pick up the bag. Yeah, in that amount of time, Little Man disappeared! The first few minutes were not too bad, he wanders anyway, but he has never been heartstoppingly lost before. Until today. After fifteen minutes of me and the Princess looking for him and not finding him, I was completely panicked. This is a child who can't reliably tell you his whole name and certainly doesn't know his address or phone number. And he can't cross a street safely and he doesn't get worried when he is away from me, and there is a small river running next to the park, and oh too many things going through my head, first and foremost, what a horrible mmother I am for losing my austistic son. I found a policeman, and told him my son who is autistic is lost. I called Bald Man and confessed. I found a group of teenagers who weren't doing anything and asked them too. Bald Man called the people in our ward who also turned out and looked too. After an incredibly harrowing 45 minutes, he was found, safe and sound. In fact, seemingly unaware that he was lost or anything at all was wrong. He was found by that group of teens, God bless them forever and forever. Little Man has a gps unit, but this was the first nice day of the year and the unit isn't charged and honestly I didn't even think about it, because we haven't ever lost him at the park before. This will be the last time we take him out without it. What a day.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Mountain Monday, Now With More Pictures!

When Little Man goes to school, Mondays are my favorite day of the week. Today started off a bit hinky because we are having electronic clock problems. We turned all the clocks yesterday, but some of them reset themselves or something today. Bald Man's alarm being one of them, so intead of waking up at 7:30, they got up at 8:30. Little Man obviously missed the bus. Ah well, he got off, late, but at least he went to school.
Today, the mountains are looking soooo very pretty. The sky is blue, blue, blue, the snow white and glittery. Utah mountains at their best. Here ya go:

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On Saturday in the mail, we got Pygmy Child and Brown Boy's wedding invite. April 6th, at the Salt Lake Temple. Here is their engagment picture:

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Aren't they darling?
And now, do you have your bottle of cuteness-screen nearby? You better slather on a thick layer to protect yourself from the strong rays of cuteness emanating from your computer screen in a moment!

She was eating chocolate cake, and she was posing so cutely, tilting her head back and forth, little ham!
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And another, she is eating a birthday candle
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My week is starting out great, hope yours is too!

Friday, March 09, 2007

It's The Hands, Peeps!

Ah yes, it is hands today. First, an update on my own little anemic hands. Remember this picture?

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The NEW and IMPROVED hands:

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LOOK! Color where there was none before. I am looking and feeling much, much, better. Yay for iron. And so far, all tests are coming back normal. It seems as though it is probably just extra bleeding from my moon time. My doctor told me I could get a hysterectomy, but considering my "age", (46 in April) I could just keep taking iron for the next few years because I am likely to go into menopause soon. I am not sure if I am happy with that annoucement about my "age" or not...

And today, there will more hand stuff. I am going over to a friend's house to introduce her to the joys of needle felting. I don't think I have shared any pictures of my more recent items. So for your enjoyment, (okay, okay, for MY enjoyment)

A bear:

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A Bunny:

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Hope your weekend is a GREAT one!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Belated Mountain Monday

Yesterday was just too, too busy. I had much running around and watching of the Pea to have a minute to blog. And I was very, very tired, because Little Man did not go to sleep until 4 in the am. He is soooo lucky to still be living. So Mountain Monday was moved to Tuesday this week. The mountains are not so pretty today, we are moving into an ugly inversion again. Yuck.

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The best part about today??? A package in the mail. Whooo hoo, filled with good things for both boy and mom. Actually in a way, everything was really for me! First off, the package is from Liza, who lives over in Doolittleville. She was able to, by what magic I know not, perhaps she sold her soul to the devil, but I don't care, give me TWO dvds of Ben 10!! This is Little Man's current obsession as far as watching TV goes. So these two dvds represent HOURS of peace and quiet. Bless the woman, I fall at her feet and worship her. And to make it even better??? Truffles people. Chocolately, yummy truffles. I don't think it gets any better. Thank you, thank you Liza darling!

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My Tuesday is looking good, how about yours??

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Up In Smoke, The Aftermath

Many of you will remember our near miss to an apartment fire from the end of December and my much mourned loss of nice sheets and comforter. After much shopping and even the purchase and return of a comforter found wanting, I have FINALLY done it. I found Comforter Charming.

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It is beautiful isn't it? All maroon and gold and green. It matches the curtains just right and the nice green throw rug we have too. It didn't cost an arm and a leg and it is honestly, my most favorite comforter set I have ever owned. (smiling with satisfaction) Yay for JC Pennys!

And, even more, I replaced my wonderful high thread count sheets, courtesy of a sale at Kohls.

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Gold damask. Very pretty, no?

And our little culprit?

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Still as handsome and as innocent as ever. He has no idea about the furor and tears he caused. As for me, it incident is over, my stuff is replaced, so I am happy. And much to Bald Man's delight, I am even motivated to actually make the bed every day. It just looks so pretty when it is made.