Friday, January 01, 2010

A Look Back on 2009

When I think back on the last year, I find my blog to be, (surprise!) a reflection in my life. Good times and bad, smiles and tears. Come along as I mark the year with some of my favorite posts from 2009.

Jan 09 finds me enjoying the delights of my DSLR with Mountain Monday posts.

The biggest thing that happened in January was our reconnection with Little Man's birth family.

These two posts probably say the most about the whole thing: That Quick and Wow!

While we haven't seen Big Sister or Little Man's Unci (Grandmother) again, we continue to visit Little Sister as much as we can.

Feb 09 found me in tears because of YOUR generosity. GRATITUDE! The outpouring of clothes, both new and gently used, toys, books and most of all the love, the immense amount of love I found, had me melting into puddles. Because of the sweet giving nature of my readers, Little Sister has clothes that are season appropriate AND nice! Thank you once again. For caring. Never forget, you made the difference in someone's life. Mwah!
I also had fun needle felting

And went to Kristina's blogger lunch, wow, talk about laughter and fun! I even got to wear the (in)famous snuggie!

March was filled with whining about whether or not spring was coming and some of my favorite pictures I have ever taken!
The eagles!

A single snowflake!


I feel so blessed to be able to capture the beauty that is all around me and share it with with you.

April of 09 opened with my 48th birthday and a Happy Birthday post to me

I was such a cute little squirt, huh?

I continued to mark the journey of Ms. Tenacious, the oak leaf.

I told a funny story about my mom illustrated by my illustrious self!

Pygmy Child came to visit for 11 days and the boy started soccer and loved it much to all our delight! I became a soccer mom and I am so proud of it!

May 2009, lots more pictures of cute granddaughters, flowers, spring and soccer! We also announced the due date of our Buttercup!

June brought not just flowers, but our sweet little Buttercup!

It is kind of odd to look at the pictures and realize how much I didn't know this sweet girl. She is just the sweetest baby ever and I can not think of her without smiling.
We took a trip out the rez for a family reunion and I got in touch with my native roots.
The best part of the trip was spending time with my family. Sister Shutterbug, Cousin Turtle Woman, and most of all, our precious Bright Star.

I knew it would be likely the last time I would get to see her, and I did my best to build up the memories to carry me through the years without her. My best memory of the her on that trip was watching the lightening storm with her over the prairie.
Keep shining Bright Star, keep shining.

July found us very busy with swimming and enjoying summer activities. I noticed July is when my I lost my blogging Mojo. Not only was I not post like I was before, I wasn't reading and commenting like I had either. I have still to find it. I am hoping it won't be much longer!
But in spite of the leanness of posting, the cuteness continues to be into the danger zone!

Amber from Soggy Cheerios gave me a chance to feel like a real photographer taking pics of her beautiful girls.

In August I was asked to do a guest post at Mormon Mommy Blogs I poured my heart out and in return, I received so much love and support.

We also announced the upcoming arrival in April of our newest grandchild!

September was when things started to go downhill for me. Little did I know! Soccer started again, to my delight! It is so hard for me to explain why I love watching Little Man play soccer, but suffice it to say, I plan pretty much everything around his soccer days!

Cute granddaughters are sprinkled here and there and I am so grateful for their smiles and laughter.
My mom was very ill at the end of Sept and we were all scared and worried.

October started out nicely with me being able to take a photography field trip.
Good thing, cause the rest of October was memorable only because it was so horrid.
Little Man took an extended stay at Club Med for almost a week due to complications from Swine Flu.
We got home from that and our precious Bright Star exited this life for the next one.
Even as I am writing this, my heart is just squeezed with missing her.
November found the Tangled peeps traveling the country! We went to Cali for Bright Star's funeral and even though I am a sucky blogger and didn't mention it, we also made a very hasty trip out South Dakota for Thanksgiving! It was wonderful to see my mom and to see how well she is recovering. I had a chance to love on my sweet tajokas (grandchildren) and to fill my soul with the goodness of being home. I am so glad I didn't sign up for nablopomo this year. The previous two years I did and I was traveling then too! I learned this year.
December is easy since I only posted once!
My favorite picture ever!

To fill you in on our December, Bald Man made doll houses for the granddaughters, I made the beds and couches!

I made all the kids their Christmas pjs.

This isn't a good picture for anything, except to show off the matching pajamas!

Our Christmas was lean on money and rich in memories and fun. We made cookies, we laughed, made new Christmas ornaments and found out that we are having a grandSON in April. Wow, I was thinking we didn't know how to make boys, but I was wrong.

It was a year of ups,downs, tears and laughter. I don't regret a moment of the love I gave and received through the year. My strength was tested in the Fall, but with the Lord's help, I made it through, intact, I think....
I am not much of one for New Year's resolutions. But here they are: I will resolve to love deeply, to laugh uproariously, to sleep when I can, scream when I have to and pray when I need to. If you are along for the ride, it makes it all the sweeter. Praying the New Year finds you happy, healthy and filled with love.