Monday, July 06, 2009

Mountain Monday

You still have a couple of South Dakota posts coming this week, but today, we are back with Mountains on Monday.
On Saturday, in alignment with our new commitment to get Little Man more exercise, we took him on a LONG walk. We went to a trail not far from where we live, where I often walk the trail for exercise. Honestly, I haven't been there since the winter, so I was expecting the same ole, same ole.
I didn't figure in all the rain! My brain could NOT wrap itself around the fact that I have walked this trail before. Nope. My brain said, this is leafy, moist, green, green, green! You haven't ever been here before. My Bald Man said it was like hiking in Oregon. Who knew the desert could be a rainforest?
I couldn't resist the pull to take pictures for Mountain Monday on this trail. Pea was missing her Bam-maw, so she joined me. She is a very pleasant walking companion. She pointed to the cotton blowing all over from the cottonwood trees and declared it to be "hot snow"!
We saw some black and white birds, which I identified as magpies, but the Pea thought they were perhaps skunk birds, since they were white and black. She also insisted the cougars were called jaguars. After I explained that jaguars lived in South America, she declared that "poom-vas" (pumas) lived in the area and were very nice, and were looking for us. I assured her that I certainly hoped they weren't looking for us. She made me laugh more than once.

Check out these thistles! They must be 7 feet tall!

Neither Pea nor Little Man gave a blink to how very tall this bouncer was, and both of them climbed right up and threw themselves down the slide.

Time for the Hokey Pokey!

Skating is not one of the things Little Man is very good at, but he really tried.

Now, onto more beautiful granddaughters!

Squid has darling dimples!

Love June Bug's squinched up nose.

Buttercup is such a pretty, pretty baby!

And I? I get to take pictures of the wonderful things around me and then share them with you. Nature and granddaughters two of my favorite things.

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Kristina P. said...

I love her little dress! She looks perfect in the mountains.

Christa said...

My favorite: the one with Pea walking down the trail that is covered with a tree canopy. It looks magical.

Lisa said...

That picture of Buttercup really takes the cake! Precious!

Me said...

Its been amazing watching our dry land turn into a lush forest, because of all the rain!

As usual...your pictures a Fabulous! The granddaughters so adorable!

Lee said...

Wow! It is so verdant there too! Those thistles amaze me! KC would love to see jaguars--he is very into them from Diego

elizasmom said...

Oh, I love the Pea stories! She has such a great little mind, drawing her scientific conclusions based on the stuff she already knows. I mean, skunk-birds makes total sense to me!

Sarah said...


K J and the kids said...

Great pictures as usual.
I heart classic skating.
That last picture of that baby just made my tooth hurt. SO CUTE !

Bonnie the Boss said...

Your walk does look beautiful!! That is one of the reasons i LOVE the rain! You really do have beautiful grand daughters!

Jillene said...

GORGEOUS pics as usual. I love the picture of her almost holding the flower--BEAUTIFUL!!

Holly said...

Love the skating picture. Such a brave boy trying new things.

And the babies, well beautiful as always.

Debbie said...

Incredible photos. And she looked so pretty with the flowers.

Suburban Correspondent said...

That baby picture is wonderful. I can never catch mine in cute poses like that!

Kristina P. said...

Jo, are you OK?