Saturday, June 10, 2006


I am supposed to be packing, but no, I am writing to you, because I missed you my Bloggity Bon Bons. I will make it short and if Bald Man comes down the stairs, I am so pretending I am cleaning out the desk... shhhh....
I can not figure me out sometimes. Guess what came in the mail today??? My free
Swiffer duster! And here is the bizarre juxtaposition that is me. I LOVE cleaning products. Whenever I see a commerical for a new, oh say, cleaning wipe, disposable toilet thingy or whatever, I WANT it, I lust after it. Sometimes I give myself permission to buy it. But with free stuff, I can indulge myself in my love/lust for cleaning products without feeling guilty about the money.
But, I HATE cleaning. Yuck. Unless I am trying out new products, then I enjoy it. You should have seen me with my first Mr.Clean cleaning eraser. Insane I tell you!
So go find out if you can get a free Swiffer Duster, so far I am impressed with the product. Watch this space for other free cleaning product updates.
Now back to your regularly scheduled dead time, filled at our crazy house with much cleaning and packing.

3 Kids Who Want To Play:

Granny said...

Enjoy your swiffering.

ipodmomma said...

you are just too cute!!!

swiffer away.....

A thinker said...

haha, that's funny. I can identify. I love good cleaning products, but I'm a little behind on my cleaning.

Have fun!