Monday, March 16, 2009

Mountain Monday Hooray! Repost!

Darn it! I was trying to get the Pea's video to post, but it wouldn't. And now my posts are all messed up. I think I will just do it separately. Her fishies name is Moby Dick, but we are all highly amused that she persists in calling him Moldy Dick! Ha ha! This is the real post for today, I promise!

I posted on Facebook today that Mondays are my favorite day of the week. I got quite a few comments asking why. Why? Because, generally speaking, the boy goes to school, the man goes to work and the day is my own. After literally two decades of almost no time to myself, my hours spent in my own company are treasured. The day unfolds before me. Shall I do housework? Maybe. A nap? Perhaps. What I do know is I will enjoy at least some time doing what I want to and I LOVE it.
Today was especially precious because I was felled by a stomach bug last week. I THREW UP! I never throw up, so that was pretty traumatic. And my sons? They came over, ran some errands for me, and went and got some Sprite for my tummy. Oldest son petted my head while I puked and JJ came back later that day to check on me. How very sweet was that? Today was the first day I have felt good in about 5 days, so Monday rocked especially hard today.

As to the photo being stolen. I have an invisible stat counter, but it is a good one, and there is a lot of information on it. I have also searched for that particular picture and found it, (in other languages I don't speak) not on anyone's blog, but not on mine either. Weird, very weird. Why there is so much activity over that picture is beyond me. It is one of the pictures I posted from Photobucket, so I went in and watermarked it as "property of" so hopefully there won't be any more problems with it. Strange, very strange.

I had so much fun today. I got to meet a very nice fellow phototog, although I am definitely not in her class, because she is professional and I am just goofing off. We found a great deal in common and spent hours just chatting today. Go check out her purty, purty pictures! Shannon sold me a new lens for Baby, my camera. I need a longer one to catch all the outdoor stuff I do. :::waving::: Thanks for everything today Shannon, I totally enjoyed it!

Then of course I had to go try out my new lens for Mountain Monday. I need a polarizer for it. But overall I am very happy with it. For your approval.

Here is a picture of a couple of American Avocets

Don't ask me why, but here in Utah, we feel we must whine and fuss over the fits and starts of Spring, every year. We are so excited to see the very first signs, and most of us think if there is going to be even a hint of Spring, well then, dang it, just stay! But it doesn't. It comes and goes. I did get a hint today that perhaps Spring might not be too far away though. Behold!

Did I mention that the Princess and her Pea moved out?? It has been sooooo nice and quiet here. I miss my Pea, and I have been taking a day every week to spend a few hours with her. This week we did a sleepover. One of the benefits of their moving out is that Little Man and the Pea are so happy to see each other and are getting along much better when they are together. Here they are enjoying some Dora.

As usual, I am profoundly grateful for the beautiful place I live. And looking at through eyes that are sharing makes my experience that much more profound. Thanks blogglings, you rock!

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Lisa said...

She is so adorable.

Jo, I need your expertise on my blog. Can you help?

SO said...

Willa D. Duck? How cute is she??

Yondalla said...

Where are the mountains?

The grandbaby is adorable, of course.

Bonnie the Boss said...

I had to listen twice to hear what she said, but i did get it. Adorable!

SO said...

Ha!!! My previous comment makes absolutely NO sense!! And Moldy Dick is much more hilarious than Willa D. Duck.

I love your new addition to your baby. I would love to have a baby to get addition for.

Debbie said...

I hope you are feeling better!
Great photos as usual.

Yondalla said...

THERE are the mountains! Yay Mountains!

K J and the kids said...

Again with your pictures.
I can't wait until you start selling them. I want the butterfly one if you do :)

Amber said...

So cute! Also- we look for every single sign of spring because winter stinks!

rychelle said...

those fist two mountain shots are AMAZING!

i love mountain mondays!

Shannon said...

It was great meeting you Jo! I couldn't believe how much we have in common. Good luck with the lens, your pictures look great!

Torina said...

Your new pictures are National Geographic quality. Very impressed!

Lady of Perpetual Chaos said...

The other day, I could smell spring. We're getting every ounce of sunshine we can...until it goes away again. WAAA!!!!

Jami said...

Dora rocks!