Wednesday, October 14, 2009


There is no doubt in my mind that the Lord blessed me with strength beyond my own the last day. I got NO sleep the previous night, and I should have been falling over with exhaustion. You know me, you know how much I NEED my sleep. All I can say is God must have blessed me through the day. I managed a very difficult day and a difficult, sick child with more patience than I thought was possible, given how tired I was. I did it without one single drop of caffeine and my body felt fine. Personally I am convinced your prayers carried me. Thank you.
Little Man is slowly recovering from swine flu and pneumonia. Because of his seizure disorder, he is considered in a high risk category. I wish I had known that BEFORE he got sick. He is no longer throwing up, praises be! He is still running a fever and needing oxygen support, but he is getting better numbers on oxygen than he was before. 100% is the oxygen saturation most people are at. Anything in the high 90's is generally acceptable.
Off O2, Little Man was "satting" in the high 80's, low 90's. Off O2, he was in the 70's and low 80's. Off O2 meaning he has thrown the mask again. Ha.
Speaking of which, a funny. Yesterday was quite the battle to keep the oxygen mask on. When he was asleep, I would perch the mask on his face rather precariously, but it was good enough to keep his sats in the 90's, so we were good. However, everytime he coughed, he would wake up enough to realize something was on his face, and he would throw it off. I would wait til he fell asleep again and the reperch the mask. Rinse, repeat a dozen or so times.
Once, he woke up enough to grunt in a royally pissed fashion, fling the mask, roll over and put the blanket over his head. After he fell asleep again, I snuck the mask under the blanket. The kid made his own oxygen tent! He satted at 99 and 100 for as long as that lasted. I feel evilly wicked! Ha ha ha! Look at me, I foiled a kid with an IQ of 50. Go me!
I am sad for my friend whose little girl is inpatient around the corner from Little Man's room. Sad for her daughter and her for being stuck here without her family. For me though? It has been so nice. I have found laughter and sweet tears of praise in her presence.
My guess is that any hope I had of going home today would be premature, given that he was having fevers all night. But I think today should be a better day health wise for my sweet boy.
I am thinking of sleeping in my own bed tonight though. What a nice thought!
Thank always, for your kindness, your prayers, your good thoughts on behalf of my beloved boy and Bright Star.

Our Bright Star continues to hold off on leaving this journey until she is done making sure she has given every last bit of herself to her loved ones.

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Lisa said...

Sending you a hug {{{{{Jo}}}}}. You're such an inspiration!

Hoping you get home to your bed soon and that LM is on the mend.

Lee said...

Praying for continued improvement for Lil Man and for strength for you as well. Blessings

Jami said...

Making his own O2 tent! What a clever mommy you are. Still praying for you and yours.

K J and the kids said...

Amazingly patient. and scary 70's-80's That is SO scary. Alarms going off all of the time.
Glad that he's doing a little better. sorry that you have to stay...but better there with the support of a nursing staff than at home by yourself :)

bon said...

Grateful for that hospital, of course... but sometimes it seems once you get admitted, it's tough to get free again.

Yay for good O2 levels!

elizasmom said...

I'm sorry to hear Bright Star is leaving you; hoping for a peaceful journey for her and peace and love to you and yours as she goes.

I'm glad Little Man is doing a bit better, and I hope he is fully mended soonest! Strength and good spirit to him, too!

FosterAbba said...

I'm sorry you weren't able to go home. Hang in there. We are all thinking of you.

Joan said...

Praying for you, Jo, on all fronts. I am so sorry that all these challenges are hitting you at once. Praying for health and recovery for our Little Man, and for peace at last for our Bright Star.

Love, Laura