Friday, October 16, 2009

Spoke Too Soon

Little Man did great yesterday, he needed some oxygen when he took a nap, but otherwise was doing great. Bald Man came up after work so I could get a mental health break. I visited with my friend around the corner and her little girl and then I went and got sushi. YUM! It was soooo nice.
I got back to find Little Man back on some serious oxygen and needing an IV again. I knew that he wasn't drinking as much as he usually does, and I wasn't worried, but hoping he was doing fine. He wasn't and because of the Lithium he is on, he can not get dehydrated, so he got a new IV.
And then? He freak'n stayed up til four in the morning! I am so tired. I am praying he takes a nap soon, cause I am tired in body and tired of his endless demands. He is on some really serious sleep meds. I have been told that an adult would probably sleep for 3 days on them. Well now the nurses KNOW why he is on so many. We usually get anywhere from 2-5 nights a month of him not sleeping like this. Used to be worse, so we take what we can get.
The good news? It is Friday and Bald Man is coming up tonight. Not only do I get to sleep in my own bed tonight, I don't have to get back here early on Saturday either. Whoo hooo!

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