Monday, February 16, 2009

Presidential Monday

The post won't be presidential, but I get tired of just posting Mountain Monday and it was the best I could come up with!
Squid is out of the hospital! Stupid RSV. I didn't get any pictures, just lots of cuddling. She had an IV in her head and O2 in her nose and she was such a sad little thing. Much perkier now.
Speaking of perky, I am feeling better too! Look at that, things are looking up all around here.
And now, on to the Mountains. I thought it was very boring outside today. (Don't throw snowballs at me, please!) There is another storm coming in and the mountains were outlined against a gray sky, so the contrast is poor. But I will do my best to snazz them up.

Here is our little oak leaf, still hangin' on against the storms. Some would say, this leaf is unwilling to let go, to accept the inevitable reality of what will happen. I on the other hand, being an incurable optimist, say this leaf is filled with tenacity and faith, unwilling to accept the prevailing winds of "wisdom" and instead, continues to carve its own path into the future. What say you?

I find this to be a bit humdrum for my taste.

I thought the mountains looked prettier framed through the bare branches.

This frame seems to help this picture be a bit more formal.

And because I am playing with the frames on photoshop, here is before:

And after:

Definitely not my best pictures, but ah well, one can't have perfection every week, can they?

We didn't have any respite on Saturday, so we took the boy and the Pea to a children's museum. It was... well, good and bad.
They had a little play there and the characters are picked from the audience. The director chose Little Man as one of the guards for the wicked queen, complete with little guard clothes.

Little Man did really well. Much better than we expected and he did a couple of funny things that made the whole audience laugh. We were sooo pleased. Until the end, when he very deliberately stomped on a fellow guard's hand. Why did he do that? He had been doing so well. It was so mean and so on purpose. I tried really hard to put it in two separate boxes in my mind, so I didn't just erase all his good behavior from before, as we sternly corrected him for hurting another child.

I have a new commenter, Cyndi, who doesn't have a blog, but is an old friend from high school who found me. It has been awesome to catch up with our lives. :::waving:: Hi Cyndi, thanks for the nice comments and you need to start your own blog so you can have nice comments too!

I have so much to tell you, but it will wait until tomorrow or the next day for its own post. My Monday was so so, with Little Man being home from school and being super clingy, but we all survived. Tomorrow is my Monday and I can't wait!

26 Kids Who Want To Play:

The Boob Nazi said...

NOOOOO new storm!

Kristina P. said...

I'm sorry it fell apart at the end! That's too bad.

Lisa said...

So tickled that Squid is out of the hospital and you're feeling much better too.

Yay for LM for holding it together most of the time.

I was tickled pink to see you back in my comment box. I've been missing you! J, too, as you could tell. ;-)

Yondalla said...

Yay for Squid!

And Yay for Little Man too. Being in a play is a pretty big deal. I'm glad he managed.

Me said...

Its sooo sad when they put the needles in their little heads. I'm glad that she is out of the hospital!

As are very talented. You managed to get some cool pictures..even with the blah we had yesterday! That's true talent right there my friend!

Ambitious Blonde said...

Personally I'm OK with no new storm footage, but apparently Mother Nature didn't get that memo. 4 to 8 inches of snow here between tonight and tomorrow. Boo.

So glad Squid is out of the hospital and that you're feeling better too! Get out there and enjoy your Jo-day, girl. :)

K J and the kids said...

Glad everyone is feeling better.
How cute that he was in a play.

Will you email me the information for Little man's sister. I have clothes.

FosterAbba said...

It's so hard when kids do well right up until the very end and then they have to blow it by doing something rotten. I'm sorry.

rychelle said...

look at all that snow. wow.

Shauna said...

I am new here! What a great blog :)

Cyndi said...

'So glad to hear you're Squid is out of the hospital, and feeling better. And you and Bald Man, too.

As for the "boring" mountains, I'll take snowy white mountains over muddy, mushy marsh, any day. The wetlands behind my house are all beige and soggy, so stop yer complainin'!

I LOVE the tenacious oak leaf, and prefer the second definition - but I've been accused of being strong-willed, myself! I love that in a leaf . . . and a person . . . as long as the person isn't being a strong-willed pill!

Yes, I prefer the mountains framed through the branches.

As for Little Man's misadventures on stage, I'm thinking he got a taste of the audience laughter and wanted more. And when he didn't get the continued response he wanted, he got frustrated and tried another tactic. Kids WITHOUT disabilities do that all of the time, and Little Man, bless his heart, is tackling bigger challenges. These things happen.

Anyhoo, thanks for the warm welcome, Jo. :::waving back:: I will do my best to behave myself, but make no promises. ;)

Lobbie said...

Call me strange but I love storm weather. Just as long as it's not all the time. Then I get about as happy as the clouds look.

But I find it wildly beautiful in an off-beat way. Anyway, when I move back home I will miss the mountains so tremendously!

Shauna said...

Oh man! ♥ Hugs :)

forever folding laundry said...

Oh, I hope everyone is feeling better soon!

Jenny said...

I think the leaf just is, it's the tree that is hanging on.


pam said...

Your photos are breathtaking!!

Debbie said...

The mountains are only boring because you see them all the time. They are still gorgeous.

Holly said...

I love your mountains, no matter how they look

And so happy your Squid is home free.

Shauna said...

It was so great meeting you today! Hope to do it again sometime!
♥ Hugs :)

Kathy said...

Back at ya girlfriend! It was good to meet you too. You sseem like so much fun! Yes, my hubby is ALWAYS a good sport. I'm very lucky that way. Don't place too much stock in anything he says about me though(like the photography thing). He oversells me to everyone he meets :)

3 Bay B Chicks said...

It is wonderful to see that my beloved Jo has returned to her happy self. Hooray! She is even waving to old friends from her post.

I am smiling because of the happy things, and even the not-so-happy things, that I am reading on your blog today.


Annette Lyon said...

Jo--Now that I see your avatar, I know I've seen you around! (I'm finally putting two and two together . . . duh.)

It was great to meet you yesterday!

Caustic Cupcake said...

Hey, it's been a week since your last post! Is everything okay over there?

Also, have you checked out my new blog? You should send me some pictures of gnarled trees from Utah! You would be the first contributor!

amelia said...

It was good meeting you Saturday, Jo. I'll have fun blogstalking you now.

So said...

Hey thanks for talking to me at the lunch! It was great to get to know you. I had a blast. I'll be stalking you from here on out.

Lady of Perpetual Chaos said...

I like your oak leafs attitude! Way to be your own leaf.

And you are just too funny. My name gets mispronounced all the time so don't worry about it. I'm just happy that you took the time to say it right! And thanks for sitting next to me, dorkiness & all. It made the lunch so much fun!