Monday, February 26, 2007

Bad Fun in the Mountains

If you don't understand the "bad fun" part then you shall have to go over to Doolittle's blog and read so you get the point of this particular post. I can't explain it half as well as Liza, so I shall let her tell you..... (I am waiting til you are done reading over there before I go on.....)
Yesterday Little Man did a very Academy Award winning performance based on the true life story of a barnacle. I was unable to try the things they suggest for the removal of the tenacious mollusk, such as sand blasting or using a sharp scraper to remove him from my thigh. Therefore it was with great relief when he finally decided to go play in his room at about 3 in the afternoon. As you will shortly find out, I should NOT have been relieved. Little Man decided to have Bad Fun in his room, with tempera paint no less.

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Here are the cleaning washclothes I used BEFORE the steam cleaner. Six of them.

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Mostly we found the paint in the mouth and on the feet of all his favorite dinosaur toys. And the castles and the vehicles and the stuffed animals. Sigh.
His carpet looks very nice now, if still a bit soggy. There are a couple of places that didn't clean up too well. One of the worst isn't his fault, since it is a throw up stain. Oh by the by, he is now on Prevacid for the tummy issues, in case it is reflux. Him throwing up once or twice a week is very unusual. But since he has been doing it for a month now, we gave in and called the doctor.
So yes, the Boy had very bad fun. His parents had no fun whatsoever cleaning everything up. But his room is clean! Liza doesn't believe me, but to prove that it does happen sometimes....
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And no, I have not forgotten the Mountain part of the post. We have had two good snows in the last week so the mountains have put on fresh coats just for you in the picture.

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Should I wish to forget my troubles with bad fun, I can just look out my sliding glass door and see how incredible the mountains look. And geez, look at that, not a speck of blue, green, yellow or red tempra paint on them.

Postscript: The paint went in the trash. No more of that kind of bad fun for my son. Sorry.

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Jane said...

Oooohhh. This does not look like it made for a fun day. Hope things are going better today.

There is a product called "Nature's Miracle" which I have used for organic stains (cat and child generated) for years. It wouldn't have helped with the paint, but it's good on vomit. It's not cheap, but it's very useful.

FosterAbba said...

You asked me to e-mail you, but you didn't leave an address.

Jenny said...

You DO need some bad fun of your own or even to share - perhaps a mud pie marathon this summer or a good old fashioned egging. You should go read my friend KTJs myspace blog for some inspiration.


Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

OMG, we have that color carpet and I can just imagine how much fun that little art project was to clean up!! I don't blame you for throwing away the paints!

elizasmom said...

Oh no! Bad fun indeed.

But I have to say that your description of the barnacle — it's funny because it's TRUE!

Jenny said...

I may have found some bad fun for you!

I don't know when their season starts but when you go watch a bout you are encouraged to yell anthings like "Knock her down!" and "Whip her butt!"