Thursday, February 22, 2007

Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens....

Brown paper packages tied up with string.... definitely one of my favorite things! I do adore getting mail and even more so, I love to get packages in the mail. Even when it is something I ordered and I know what is in the box or envelope, I still love opening it! So imagine my surprise and delight to go to the mail and find waiting for me, a lovely package with unknown contents from Bombadee. And here is what was in my package:
A fridge magnet from the great state of Illinois, 3 pieces of chocolate, a small bottle of Clinique perfume, a four leaf clover, and a very nice letter with way better penmenship than my own, all wrapped in gold tissue and tied with a green satin ribbon! What a delight in every sense of the word.

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I am sure you are wondering how I came to be the recipient of such a wonderful gift! Well, I won her finish the joke contest. Here is how it went...
"James Brown, President Ford and Saddam Hussein arrive at the pearly gates on the same weekend. The three men wait their turn, hardly believing who they are standing next to while ol’ Peter looks flips through his giant book looking for their names. Soon _______ leans over to ________ and says…"
My personal ending, which won me the great grand prize was...
"Saddam leans over to James Brown and says "They told me downstairs if they had to let a republican in, they had to let me in too!"

So whether or not you think it is funny is up to you. I personally think I was quite clever and one of my "Joisms" is you should always laugh at your own jokes, then you are sure at least one person is laughing.
Thanks Jenny, I really enjoyed it.
And by the way? Sorry for the length in updates. I WAY overdid it on Monday, I was feeling so good, but Little Man was home and I spent way too much time and energy cleaning. I have paid for it for the last two days. Of course Little Man going to bed at 12:30 on Tues night did not help in the least. I am mostly caught up on my rest now and feeling better again.

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elizasmom said...

That is a good joke. I agree that you should be able to laugh at your own jokes. Otherwise, what's the point?

Jenny said...

Sorry it took so long to send out "the prize". Glad you got it.