Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Pale Face

My husband informed me last night that if he had wanted to marry a white woman, he would have. This is his (he thinks) funny way of dealing with something semi-serious.
I went to the doctor in the big city yesterday, because I have been feeling soooo tired, like all the time. What got me worried was the breathlessness I was having. The doctor approached me, informing me as he was getting closer, "you are rather pale". "I am?" said I with all my varied vocabulary. He turns over the palms of my hands and puts his next to mine. "uh, you make me look like I have color!" And compared to his hands, mine were looking, rather pale and even lifeless. He turns my hands over, "your nail beds are supposed to be pink, not white." "Oh" I responded.

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After they took a sample of my blood, I was informed my hemoglobin was 6. Yes 6!
My hematocrit? 18.(If you have any questions about that, just ask Dr. Google, I am too tired to do a bunch of links) Just this side of critical and the doctor told me if it was any lower he would have put in the hospital for blood transfusions. That explains why I have been feeling so crappy lately. I am now on heavy duty iron, vitamin C to help me absorb the iron, a good multi vitamin and pretty much bed rest. And if I have chest pains or irregular heart beat, or problems breathing? Straight to the ER. Wow. I have pretty much taken my good health for granted all my life. Not so much anymore. I cried with relief yesterday, that I don't have to push myself to keep doing when I feel so lousy. I am sooo looking forward to feeling better. Back to the doctor next week for more tests. Geez, like I didn't have enough going on. Fear not though internet buddies, Little Man is at school every day this week and I am taking it easy. My bed and I are spending a lot of time together. Just call me Pale Face.

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Christina said...

Jeez, Jo!

Take care of yourself, will ya? There are bunches of us out here who care about you (and need to read what you're posting!)

Seriously, that's frightening low: I'm glad you found out and are taking action.


Azul said...

Hope you get to feeling better very soon. I think sometimes we Moms push ourselves way beyond safe limits in the name of caring for others. Days like this are a good time to force the family to pull together and make sure you get the rest you need.

Now, I'm off to complete my '5 links' assignment, lest you think I've forgotten.

Jane said...

Wooo. It's a good thing you found out what was going on. Get as much rest as you can and feel better soon.

elizasmom said...

Oh my! That is scary.
I'm glad they figured out what is wrong. I hope you feel better soon!

Yondalla said...

Get well soon, Pale Face.

annadams95340 said...

Hi, Pale Face. Good for you to be able to crack a joke.

Seriously though, please take care of yourself.

Klynn said...

Wow, Jo, you sure are one tough cookie. I hope it's nothing serious, and is easily remedied. You do so much for others, you have to take time to take care of yourself, now. Thinking of you and hoping you feel much better soon.

Gawdessness said...

Stay still and get well!
Hope you are back to your warm toasty self soon!

Jenny said...

I always wanted to make a t-shirt that said !Mom first! to remind us all. Sweet dreams Jo.

Manuela said...

Oh, honey!!!

I'm so worried now...