Monday, February 19, 2007

Sharing The Mountains

Yup, as usual, Monday brings us to mountain sharing. If you are ever here in Utah, look me up and I will share with you, up close and really beautiful my mountains. It snowed early this morning, so the mountains are all dressed up for their photo shoot. They just wanted you to say, "geez, I wish I were there."

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Another picture. Amazing huh? That I can see this right from my window??? The clouds and their shadows drifting slowly on the mountain flanks, right by my balcony.

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Now, for the updates. All good today, isn't it wonderful???
First, myself. My hemoglobin went from 6 to 9.5. I believe I am now just severely anemic instead of critically. I am feeling MUCH, MUCH, better. Still more tired than my normal healthy self, but I am finally able to get some stuff done without needing a nap. I am thrilled I am responding so well to the iron therapy.
Little Man, um, good and bad as usual. One, after an entire week of NO food, the child started eating again. Not a lot of food, or even enough food, but food, every day, some food. AND, he started drinking his boost breeze again. Not enough, but hey, I will take starving slowly as he has been since Sept, over starving very quickly any day. That was just scary.
We had to get blood work done for him. Oh, I was shaking in my shoes, for those of you who remember our August fiasco. Two happy pills (for him, not me, silly) and a long drive to the Big City Children's hospital. And you know what? He was as good as gold. Poor lil thing, he had to get stuck twice, bless his heart. Funny kid, I can never tell when he is going to be a feral child, or a well behaved kid.
His blood work is funky. His thyroid is off, his white blood cells are quite low. We need to keep an eye on it, so we will have to redo it in a few weeks. Lucky us!
So there ya go! All the news for now.

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elizasmom said...

Your mountains are beautiful, and I am glad that you health scares are, if not over, at least on their way to improvement.

Jane said...

The mountains are amazing, and I'm glad the news is positive. Since you hadn't posted since Wednesday, I was starting to worry that things weren't so good.

Melissa said...

Beautiful mountains once again, Jo. So glad to hear that your health is improving slowly but surely and that Little Man is eating something and behaved himself for you at the hospital.

You rock, lady. Keep on taking care of you. :)

Gawdessness said...

so glad that you are feeling better!
Lovely pictures makes me want to go and visit the mountains again.

Jenny said...