Thursday, October 30, 2008

And Yet Another One

Because I have been given much, I too must give;
Because of thy great bounty, Lord, each day I live,
I shall divide my gifts from thee,
with every brother that I see
who has the need of help from me.

My dear friend Holly wrote most eloquently expressed her opinion and after begging asking her nicely if I could post her email to me.
How about those of us who have reasons we don't work, need a cell phone for safety. By the way, you can't file for "non-income" tax credit if you don't work. You don't get the economic stimulus check and you don't get a check for doing nothing! Trust me as someone who hasn't benefited from the recent checks and tax credits. There are people who are part of God's plan who for whatever reason are unable to do "nothing" in other eyes because they are serving God in the way he intended for them too, it still takes the "sweat of thy brow" and we DO earn our keep and work hard, just don't get paid in cash. We get a greater reward. I suppose in the end, our payoff will be greater. Funny, even with all this, I feel richer. Oh, and I still manage to give. I call people who need an uplifting word, I mail a note of encouragement, I offer part of my drink to the thirsty and I give life to a child who would not have had one. Too bad I don't "work".

Thank you darling, you said it better than I could of.

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Whitney R said...

I typed a few replies but deleted them...

I don't know what else to say. I don't know this person or these people or their situation. I'm not going to judge.

I just think you should try to do things yourself and not depend on others to do it for you.

Hot topic! :)

Sheri said...

But that is not always possible Whitney! My son will always depend on state sponsored systems. It is what distinguishes us from third world countries!

I get so fed up when someone complains that they are in back of someone in line who uses food stamps and then gets in a cadillac in the parking lot. HOw do you know that it is not borrowed? You cannot judge others! God will deal with them that fraud the system.

Jillene said...

O.K. I am NOT taking anyone's side here. I agree with things you both said. However, after reading, re-reading and re-re-reading both your post Jo and Ramona's comment I think that Ramona is kind of getting ganged up on.

Go back and read her comment--I don't see anywhere in there that she is saying that those who are severly disabled shouldn't get state assistance--because they should and especially you Holly!! I have NO idea how hard it must be to take care of Butterfly but I do know that she needs you 100% and that your job lies in taking care of her and only her for the rest of her life. That is your job and your calling and I think that you do an AMAZING job of taking care of that little girl. Nuff said.

I think that Ramona is saying that people like her parents who are ABLE and CAPABLE of holding a job, in an area where there are plenty of opportunities to get jobs--but choose not to and choose to rely on state assistance or others to pay their bills are the ones abusing the system. Not disabled or handicapped or people like in your situation growing up.

Your story of growing up is heart breaking Jo. I applaud, and give a standing ovation to your mother. What a strong woman. But she was able to overcome and better herself and her situation and I think that is the point that Ramona was making. She was able to better herself against the odds that she was dealt with her parents. She rose above and became what neither of them ever could. I really don't think she was bashing disabled or poverty stricken people--she was just telling her story and how it affected her and her thinking. At least that is how I understood what she wrote.

I think that you are both AMAZING and I adore both of you. And there are my 2 cents.

bon said...

Jo... we agree that all of Gods children must be cared for, But you and I disagree on how that is to be accomplished. We know that in the city of Enoch that "there were no poor," But I sincerely doubt that Melchizedek had instated a "tax" to care for the poor. The goods and money, of a necessity had to have been freely given without fear of retribution or imprisonment. What does it count toward righteousness if we are compelled in all things, which is what is the case when we tax a populace and DEMAND that those that have care for those that have not. At least not on a Federal level, a level at which we have entered the "Unconstitutional" zone. This needs to happen on a State level if that State chooses to enter into Welfare.

Note: The hymn does not read

Because I have been given much I too must be taxed. Because of thy great bounty, Lord, each day I live, I shall have my gifts from Thee, divided and dispensed by a third party whether I will it or not...

you get my drift.

Stephen said...

Locally we have a program for giving used cell phones to those in need.

Even without a service plan, a cell phone can always contact 911, which is why even those without any income can make good use of one for emergencies.

ramsam said...

Jillene and Bon look like the only people who read my my post and thought about it, instead of jumping on the defense, and that makes me sad.

In the meantime, I am sure you got my other E-mail Jo, and yes, my dad was very capable of working. He hated working and hated paying taxes, but loved welfare. I said NOTHING about disabled people or those who receive death benefits (children who lost parents, etc).

If you think there are not huge amounts of people in this country that live that way, you are wrong. This is a system that is abused. I wish it were not that way.

Also I wonder- if all these other countries fare so much better on the graphs, why are people who believe in redistributing wealth not moving there? What ever happened to the American Dream? Can't I believe in that concept anymore. To say "we should not allow people to own more than 2 cars" or whatever is SCARY. Anybody heard of China or Russia? Wake up!

I believe man should be inspired to do good, not forced to do it.
Do you force children to do every action as you wish?
Or do you raise them and teach them and hope they choose wisely and help others. Which one is more satisfying? Which one teaches them more? What about if one child chooses to get a job, buy things, and live their dream. Do you take it away and give it to your other child that chose to NOT get the job and stay home and watch Nick TV all day?

I sense this blog already has it's followers who do not want to hear from someone who may think differently than they do (kind of ironic, considering the following) so after this I will leave this discussion for our personal e-mails. (I would never post them on my blog, however.) And while it is an interesting discussion, it is hard to be pummeled for raising above what you were taught.
I work damn hard for my life, as does my husband, and we give, give, give. If everyone gave freely and lovingly the fact that someone is making it a law would not be relevant. Let me be clear, I DO BELIEVE there are many people who need help in many ways, I DO NOT believe it is the governments job (since they do such amazing jobs and what we have given them already! please!) to force those that they choose to do it.

*oh well*