Monday, October 20, 2008

Autumn In The Mountains, On Monday (Update)

Or not!!!

GAAAHHHH!!!! I am sure you can hear my scream from where you are. 300 pictures, gone. Sigh. Sometimes I hate computers. No mountains, no pretty yellow and red trees, no June Bug, no pumpkin patch. Gone, gone, gone, like a puff of smoke, as if they never existed. No meet and greet, no Jack, no Pea and Little Man, no Squid. Nope, they got eaten by the computer who then refused to throw them up. Ah well. Good thing they are all fairly replaceable. The kidlets will still be here later and so will the mountains and trees and fuzzy little bee. Dang, and I had some really good ones! Let me say, this is a perfect ending to a really sucky five day run of pure crap. See ya later, my apologies for the non post.

*****Updated to add*********
How the hell did that happen? Well, since Kristina the Blog Queen asked, I, a mere, peon, must answer.
First, you must set your Adobe to delete the pictures off your card as they are copied on the computer, BUT (this part is very important if you wish to repeat my stupidity) you must FORGET you told the computer to do this. Instead you think, like always, after you have copied everything, you will have to go and delete them off your card. Be sure to remember the part that isn't going to happen.
Second, you must have a minor glitch with Adobe as you are loading the pictures, and find, after they come off the card, (and have been deleted, but you don't know that) that they are all single pics in your picture folder, instead of neatly stored in a folder named MM Oct 20-08.
Third, you must make a folder named MM Oct 20-08 and have, about 300 pictures that now need to be moved to the folder.
Fourth, realize you need to hold control, and click on every single pic that needs to be moved, and then realize the computer is copying them into the folder and leaving them lying about untidily and singlily in your pictures folder.
You then get really, really frustrated and after moving them to the folder, do wholesale deletions and emptying of recycle baskets, because you keep hitting ctl-c which copies, and now you have many, many pictures.
Fifth, you decide to get rid of everything and just start over, because this is soooo not worth it.
Sixth, realize when you go to look at the card, that you told it to delete everything after it went on the computer and you have no back up.
Seventh, scream.
Eighth, decide this is the cap on a really sucky five day run of a suck fest, of which the meet and greet was the only good part.
Yup Whitney, the lettuce pic is gone. Gone.
P.S. I am not completely stupid. I reset my Adobe to leave the pictures on the card until I tell it to. Seemed the wisest thing to do.

14 Kids Who Want To Play:

Jessica G. said...


I feel like my Monday has been wasted without your post and pictures to give it meaning...

Kristina P. said...

What the hell happened?!?!?

ramsam said...

Please don't say this happened trying to update your blog or something. I am so afraid of changing my background for this reason!

I miss your pretty pictures.

Whitney R said...

Oh NOOO!! All of your pictures from your AMAZING camera?!

Well... there goes that lettuce picture.

*MARY* said...

What a bummer! I hate it when that happens, or I would hate it if it ever happened to me.

Teresa said...

From one photographer to another, I am in mourning with you. I lost all my pics last year when my computer crashed and I'm still crying about it.
However, I am glad to hear the picture of me with the lettuce hanging out of my mouth got deleted....wait... was that your camera or Whitney's????

K J and the kids said...

Oh holy dang !!!!
I'm so swearing for you now.

Kristina P. said...

Thank you for the thorough explanation. I'm so sorry. I have a feeling your picture of me doing the Hokey Poking was better than the one with me and crazy eyes on Whitney's blog.

Jillene said... sad that you lost all of the meet and greet pics!! Boo hoo!! (0;

I do, however, feel bad about the rest of them!!

Jill said...

Oh Jo, I'm so sorry!
I'm also rather paranoid, that's why I copy to my computer, and to my backup hard drive, and to a CD.

Or I have my 13 year old son do all that because I have no clue how to do any of it.

Yondalla said...

Oh honey...I'm sorry.

I too seem to have lost a pile of pictures on an external drive that drive. Ugg.

Are the ones you posted to the blog still there?

Me said...

I assume most people know this, but just in case....did you know there are programs out there that you can have scan your memory card and recover images? They can be pricey, however there are several FREE ones you can download off the internet and they work all the same. Sometimes (if the card has been reformatted) it won't recover everything, but I have seen approximately a 50-75% recovery rate on your average memory card. Do a google search for FREE MEMORY CARD RECOVERY. Or email me a my blog messages at hotmail dot com and I can send you some links. Happy Recovery!

TJ said...

You just described my biggest fear, you seem to be taking it much better than I would. I seriously think I would have a three day cry fest.

ramsam said...

So no picture of me with my APPETIZER basket that I refused to share? hahaha!

There is only one thing to do-
Go take more pictures!