Monday, October 13, 2008

Native American Day and You Won't Believe It!

First off, Happy Native American Day! Today is a day where on the Rez, all the tribal offices are closed and we celebrate just being ourselves. Perhaps with a collective palm to forehead and the exclamation, "What were we thinking?"

The part you won't believe. Yesterday we woke up to this!

It snowed off and on all day. I am just in shock about the whole thing. It isn't even really the middle of October yet. The only good news about this, is that it supposed to be in the 70's by next weekend, so whoo hoo for the return of Autumn.

The snow cleared out the smog and the sky is so, so BLUE. BEHOLD!

I was showing Bald Man the pictures I took for you today, and he asked me where I took them from. I said the Target parking lot whilst I was picking up Little Man's meds. Bald Man responded, "well, you don't have to tell them that." But I decided I would. So you could be envious that even the Target parking lot has a view so incredible. Amazing, huh?

Be sure and click on the pictures for a bigger view of the photograph. They are amazing. Not because I am such an incredible photographer, but because I have a good camera and it is hard to improve on God's beautiful handiwork.

Here are my favorite pictures from this last week.

Isn't my little Squid strong?

June Bug touches the ceiling

The Pea holding her cousin and very proud of herself!

Laughing girls!

Yawning Squid

Whoo hoo I got to go to a blogger meet and greet. On your left is my current blog crush, Kristina from Pulsipher Predilections and the ever funny Jill to your right is from Thou Shalt Not Whine. We had so much fun! If you want a run down of the other bloggers there, I will let you go to Kristina's site, she has the list up.

I made Kristina a little needle felted piggy, since she has a love of all things bacon.

More from the snowy walk:

I like to think this next picture is where summer, fall and winter all met together under a tree, one snowy day.

At some point this evening, I will post some more pictures up at my photoblogPlaying With Pixels Hope you enjoyed my week, I am rather tired, so I KNOW I did!

19 Kids Who Want To Play:

Kristina P. said...

My love of all things bacon has a limit. Called Bacon Mints. Blech!

And the snow made me cry, on little tear came streaming down my face.

Great pictures though!

K J and the kids said...

Homeland security :) very funny.
Great pictures. She's a strong little Squid.
Love the pig. Very talented.

Torina said...

I love the Homeland Security!

Note to self: I am NEVER moving to Utah.

We sometimes get snow at the end of October but NEvER at the beginning. Ish.

bon said...

Ahhh! The kiddos the babies the piggy and snow. So lovely! Of course, I'll be hating the snow by the end of this winter, butcha gotta love the first of the season.

Me said...

I am having a hard time seeing the snow..its too early in the year! But GREAT pictures. You really are talented.

Jillene said...

I LOVE all of the pics!! You really are very talented!!

Boo hoo!! I am so, so sad I didn't get to meet you!! Maybe another day!!

ramsam said...

Can we re-instate those guys for Homeland Security? Please?

Gorgeous pics, as usual....I love the new snow.

Amber said...

The snow made me sad. Very, Very sad. I'm also sad I missed the lunch. (WHHAAA!) I am glad that I get to shop at that Target with that view though. ;)

I love the picture of the berries with the snow on them. I also love that yawn!

LaDawn said...

Your granddaughters are beautiful!
Such lovely pictures of the snow.

elizasmom said...

Well, I LIKE snow, so I am vicariously excited that you got to have some.

The pics are gorgeous, too — my favorite is the one with the melting snow on the red berries — such great colors, and there's so much going on. Love it!

The sibling resemblance between Squid and the 'bug is really strong in these photos, BTW.

Ambitious Blonde said...

You evil, evil woman! Now I'm going to have to try needle felting. :)

I love all your pictures! Except for the snow ones. I don't like the snow ones. THEY KNOW WHY....(cue ominous laughter)

Rychelle said...

that little piggy is the cutest thing ever!

LisAway said...

Gorgeous shots! I must say, my favorite is the standing squid. SO cute and amazingly darling as well!

Susie said...

What beautiful pictures. God sure does have a way with his paintbrush! I love, love, love them... We don't get much snow here, so it is so neat to see it!

Holly said...

Where have I been that I missed this post?? Anyhow, love the beauty you captured. The girls are adorable as always and your talent abounds with the little piggy.

I love the homeland security pic--made me smile.

Jessica G. said...

I loved seeing that snow! The kids were a little disappointed that it didn't last until church was over. They already had grand plans for making an entire snow family.

And I'm a little offended...I was at that event, too! But then again, whenever you took my picture, I was maybe it's not a bad thing.

Teresa said...

I love your pictures! Especially the ones from the Target Parking Lot. That means you carry your camera around with you .... like me! I think my friend Ramona was at the meet and greet with you. Wish I could have been there. Maybe next time :0)

Christa said...

I was great getting to meet you last night. I've looked at your blog a couple of different times, I'll be back more often.

I love your pictures. I'm so jealous of your camera. I've hinted to my husband and by hinted I mean I've said, "I really, really want an SLR camera. You must get me one." However, I don't really think that he'll listen.

I love the felted piggy. It's very cute. I also love bacon more than I should. My husband says I'll eat anything as long as it's wrapped in bacon. I don't know about anything, but I do very rarely turn bacon down.

Wendyburd1 said...

Gorgeous pics Jo! I have seen you at a few of my friends blogs so I wanted to say Hi and your pics are glorious!!