Thursday, July 20, 2006

Coming Home

My bloggy Bon Bons, Jo is home again. Right now, I must admit to not being thrilled at being home. I slept poorly last night, which doesn't add to my rather blue mood this morning. My blue mood started when Princess was late picking me up, it was hot outside, I didn't have my cell phone with me, (it only works in Utah) and when I finally wrestled the phone card into working, she didn't answer. She finally got there and Pea screamed, and I mean SCREAMED the whole way home. My nerves were frayed the moment I walked in. And what was I greeted with? Two sink fulls of dishes, two very full laundry baskets, junk and stuff scattered all over the apartment, dirty rings in the toilet, toys and blankets on the floors. Not a clean room to be found anywhere. (Opps let me take that back, Bald Man cleaned Little Man's room while I was gone, and it was looking bad when I left. So Little Man's room looked good.)
So I wake up tired, Little Man was foul this morning, I guess he is mad that I left. I spilled his fish oils all over our bed, so that adds to the laundry I get to do today. There is no food, so I can't even find anything for breakfast. I am facing at least this morning doing housework. I did think about just leaving it, going out to breakfast and then a movie, but there is a problem with that. I will just come home to the same thing. A better plan is to do all the work first, go out to lunch and then a movie, and I can come home to a tidy apartment. Plus the reward of going out after the apartment is clean is the spoonful of sugar I need right now.
Coming home is hard sometimes. I had a WONDERFUL time whilst I was away. I was loved, adored, spoiled. I was greeted with so many hugs and kisses and shouts of "Jo-Jo's here! I slept til 9:30 yesterday! (10:30 Utah time). I went out to eat at least once a day. Granny and I had hoped to get together, but with this trip being so last minute, we decided to wait until I came out in Aug or Sept with a bit more notice.
The trip home was on the plane was fun and interesting. I really despise being bored so I engaged my seat mates in conversation. I met Lawyer Boy to the left of me, and Beach Girl to the right. Lawyer Boy works in disability law, helping people get the disability social security they need. I was impressed with that. Curly blondish brown hair and pretty blue eyes, he is still single at 33. He was crushed at Beach Girl's response to his age and marital status. You would have thought he was 80. Beach Girl is only 21, interning in Montana, far away from her Florida home and so very homesick. She was so cute, but she would have dated one of her dad's friends before she even considered Lawyer Boy. Sigh, so much for match making. I told them what I would be calling them and told them to google themselves. So if they find their way to my blog, I thank them for keeping me entertained on the flight home, it was very short with their help.
But home I am, and actually feeling just a bit better for having got this off my chest. I did miss all of you though! Well I need to catch up on some of my blog reading, I will have to finish it after my housework, otherwise I won't get started til noon. My housework is calling my name. Shoulders back soldiers, broom and microfiber dustcloth at the ready, MARCH, MARCH, MARCH!
Onward Housework soldiers, marching as to dirt... with the broom and dustpan, housework doesn't hurt.. (Sung to Onward Christian Soldiers if you know the tune) See ya later all my Bloggity cakelets, stay tuned for the further adventures of the Tangled Household. (but cleaner next time)

2 Kids Who Want To Play:

A thinker said...

heehee. Love your descriptions of Lawyer Boy and Beach Girl... and welcome home!

Jenny said...

Welcome home. I cleaned house yesterday too - bleh.