Monday, July 03, 2006

Not What I Had Planned

I did not plan:
To not post for a week! Sorry, bloggy darlings, it has been insanity city here. With Pygmy Child returning from Ecuador and Brown Boy staying in the room with the puter, well that means I am so behind on my interneting. I read the blogs I normally do today, but left no comments, so I am thinking of all of you.

For Little Man to get stung by a wasp yesterday. Last time that happened, we ended up in the hospital for a week with cellulitus. His hand looked fine yesterday but today is red and swollen. I just spent most of my day in the ER with him. They didn't keep him, but sent him home on antibotics and under his watchful mommy's eye. So I am doing the mommy hawk thing. Hopping from one twig to another, moving one just so, tilting my heady so my beady little mommy hawk eye can watch his hand. Does it look more swollen or red? Hmm, no not really, hop, hop, stare, hop. Ya know.

To not get enough sleep the last few days. I am TIRED! Too tired to post much, too tired to leave comments. I need to go lay down. zzzzzz
I promise to post as soon as I can. Keep Little Man in your thoughts and prayers, being at Club Med is NOT what I have planned.

4 Kids Who Want To Play:

Granny said...

Always something.

Please try to rest. We'll still be here.

Gawdessness said...

Hoping Little Man gets better as quickly as possibly!
Take care!

Sarah said...

Hop, hop, stare, hop! That's the funniest thing ever! Good luck, Little Man!

ipodmomma said...

prayers are with you!!!