Saturday, July 29, 2006

Of Poop and Pygmies

First, POOP! Oh it is dreaded and a daily worry in our lives. Little Man, with his weird genetic syndrome and low motility gut, struggles with bowel issues on a daily basis. If you didn't already know about the Daily Poop Report (DPR) that goes on in Casa Tangled day by day, well you know now! The consequences of a series of poor DPR's means a call to the GI doc, with a what's next? So after two weeks of poor results, the big clean out begins this weekend! Even more clean out stuff than usual, hoping to avoid a hospitalization with its' attendant really yucky procedures to unstop a stopped up gut. Actually, it is going rather well, so Mama and Papa Tangled might just get to breathe a sigh of relief by Sunday.
Second, and even more important. Today is Pygmy Child's birthday! She is twenty-five. And as if to prove to us, that she is grown up and slipping away from us day by day, she is in Florida with Brown Boy for the next few days! But the treat for you and balm for my heart will be a short presentation of Pygmy Child through the years. She was in a hurry to get here, I guess she didn't want to miss Princess Diana's wedding, even though she wasn't due for another month. A tiny bit, just 6 lbs. After a short stay in the NICU, she went on to thrive.

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She didn't exactly grow as we expected, but we wouldn't know why she was so tiny for a long time. Here she is with her best friend who she has known since she was 6 weeks old. Their friendship has thrived through the years and they continue to visit with each whenever the opportunity affords itself.

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Here is our Little Bean at about the age of four. She has always had the sunniest personality and I am so grateful for the gift of her happy smiles.
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Living in California until she was 12 afforded our sweet Pygmy with the chance to spend lots of time at the ocean. She has always loved it and here is a delightful snapshot of her unbounded joy in her beloved ocean.
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Pygmy Child was 16 when Little Man came into our lives. She has been his second mother and the love the two of them share is precious. Here they are, Pygmy holding Little Man on the day our LDS adoption (called a sealing) took place.

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Because of her special relationship with her youngest brother, even her senior portrait could not be complete without him.
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And finally, even though it will be hard to adjust to having our sweet Pygmy live so far away as she moves to Florida in December, I am mindful that Bald Man and I must not have ruined her too much, as she finds her wings and flies away, just as we always dreamed.

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Happy Birthday Pygmy Child, I remember the day I first saw you like it was yesterday. Somehow the years have flown and you have grown,(somewhat) and now you are unfolding into such an amazing person. Your compassion, your willingness to help others, your wit and your love, amaze me and delight me. I am grateful for the day God decided to gift you to us. Blessings on you this day and for the rest of this year as you fly darling.

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Jenny said...

You make me want to hug Ella tight today Jo.

Granny said...

She is so beautiful.

Hope all goes well with Little Man

CaerLiveSound said...

I'm back!

I know why my mother is attached to your blog- you are mother peas from the same pod, clearly.

This was a beautiful post. I hope you let Pygmy Child read it.

Almost every year, on our birthdays, our mom told us each the story about when we were born. I still ask her about it.

Jo said...

Thanks Caer, I had told her about the post, but after your comment, I printed it out and gave her a copy.