Friday, July 06, 2007

A Happy Fourth

Princess was performing in a local town's Idol contest. And no big surprise, she won! Yippee, it was fun for her.

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It was okay for Bald Man and I as we had to watch the Pea and Little Man in terrible heat and well, it was okay. The best part was Princess winnning and going home. That part was great.

This is the Princess and the other contestants.

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You will notice Little Man, up front and smiling. Why wouldn't he smile like that at Pygmy's wedding? Little Beast and this time no one wanted him in the picture, but he wouldn't leave.

This next pic is Princess and her best friend who won the dance portion of the contest. Fun day for both of them.

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And now, the rest of the story. See above picture? See that Little Man isn't in it? Well Bald Man was wrangling the Pea and I had Little Man and he would NOT keep out of the pictures. To keep him from running off, I had to pin his foot to the ground with my foot while I took the picture. You can see Princess and her friend all smiling, but what you can't see is me behind the camera, grumbling death threats at Little Man and holding him down with my foot on his foot. What I will do for a picture. Sheesh.

And for your enjoyment, a small video clip of our Princess singing. She is really good, I mean really good!

At the very end, you will see Pea running up to see her mama singing.

And now, My little June Bug! Check out this Mona Lisa smile!

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And this little "oh", dang she is soooo cute!
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So that was our fourth, hope yours was great.

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Katie W said...

Hey Jo,
You know how you blanked out all the numbers and everything behind Princess in the photos, well if you watch the video you can still see them all. Just thought you might want to know.
PS. You're right she is really good.

Gawdess said...

Lovely pictures, the video is fabulous and your daughter can SING.
Loved the bit about having to hold Little Man down to take a picture.
Not because I am happy that you have to do that but because it is nice to know the nitty gritty happens in other people's lives!
Thanks for sharing!

bonrhe said...

STUNNING voice... when is she going to do the real American Idol? I would understand if she didn't want to sign up for the headaches... but she ought to get paid to do that!

Jo said...

Thanks Katie, I noticed that too, after I went to post the video.But I HAD to put the video in cause she is just sooooo good. Ah well, come hunt me down and put me out of my misery, Ahem I mean kill us all in our sleep! LOL

Granny said...

I was just complaining about there being no video when I scrolled down a little further and found it.

She's great ad all the other pics are adorable.

Can you tell me (in words of one syllable and step by step) how you got the video on the blog? I read blogger's directions and I'm more confused than ever.

Martha said...

I'd vote for your daughter too. She's great!

elizasmom said...

Wow! She has a great voice! I'm impressed. And I love the photo of June Bug doing her Mona Lisa smile. That is one cute baby!

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

OH MY GOSH, I LOVE the pictures and the video is great, she has a fabulous voice!!
Awww...little peanut...oh my gosh I LOVE BABIES, I have been having the itch lately to have our 2nd and you're not helping! haha!! :)

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

I just had to watch the video again...I have goosebumps!

Melissa said...

DAAAANG! Princess can SING! To say I am impressed would be the understatement of the year. :)

The pictures of everyone are fantastic. I was amused that you had to pin Little Man down to get a picture of the girls alone. That's wrong, isn't it?

June Bug is positively edible. She's the cutest baby I've seen in I don't know how long, and I'm not just saying that because I love you. :)

wen said...

she's really a good singer! thanks for sharing that.