Friday, August 10, 2007

Darkness and Light

Six men are trapped in a Utah coal mine. They have been there since Tues, our state, the nation and especially their families are praying for a safe deliverance of these hard working men. Please keep them in your prayers.

I was amused and delighted by a Filipino Prison's new exercise program. Instead of the half hearted exercise program, they have instituted a new dance program instead. Since the installation of this program, the fight rate has dropped to zero. It brings joy to my heart to know that in spite of the darkness that seems overwhelmingly pressing at times, there are good people all over the world, making a difference every day. I challenge you to find yours!

2 Kids Who Want To Play:

Granny said...

It's been a bad week with the bridge in Minneapolis, your miners, and another mine explosion I think in Indiana on Friday or Saturday.

I just flipped over to CNN before I tried to reply. I hadn't seen news since this morning. I've had them in my prayers all week but it doesn't sound good, does it.

Heather said...

My aunt sent my whole family links to these videos. She thought it was amusing to see another large group of Filipinos get together and dance - our family gatherings revolve around goofy things like karaoke and I have always been told it's a Filipino thing. :-)

The videos have gotten a lot of negative response, especially from on "journalist" whose name and site now escape me. He claimed the prisoners were made to practice until their feet bled.

Obviously, we're not right there, but I can't imagine them putting so much effort into something they hated. While they don't look like they're enjoying a day at Disney World, I can't imagine that it is worse than other things they could be being forced to do.

I also tend to be of the mind that this is a positive thing.