Saturday, August 18, 2007

Guess What?

1. We made the trip in one piece. The Pea? Grrr. Little Man? Grrr! Jack the dog? Grrr! Let me say that I was very, very glad the trip was over. I am NOT thinking about going home yet.
2. The good news? My sister has high speed internet! The Bad News? She moves far away tomorrow. So don't count on another blog post soon.
3.The babies?? Oh so very cute! We are on the tip of the next generation being formed and my heart is filled with warmth and gratitude.
4.I am having a WONDERFUL time visiting with my relatives.
5. Little Man has finally settled down and adjusted to being here and doing pretty darn good.
6.Have I got a story, with pictures, to tell you about turtles! You are going to die.
7.Keep the questions coming, while I am not posting the answers yet, I am asking my mom for the answers if I don't already know.
8. I remembered to bring my marriage certificate. Whoot!
9. Everyone is getting along very well and everyone seems happy.
10.Girlfriends fears have all come to naught and she asked Oldest Son, why don't we move here? Awwww.
11.Everyday is very busy, but things should chill out after Sunday. Today is rodeo, pow wow, fry bread, wedding reception for one of my many, many cousins.
12. It is so weird to be around so many Indians. Really.

5 Kids Who Want To Play:

K J and the kids said...

Glad that everyone is having a great time.
Have fun at the Pow Wow. Can't wait to hear all about it when you get home.

carmivera said...

Longtime lurker here, outing myself in the name of fried dough. I've heard a lot about the importance of fry bread in Indian culture, but never, NEVER seen a recipe. Would you share one?

Also wondering about how Christianity is viewed on reservations, how different religions might be reconciled with Indian culture(s). How missionaries are viewed. There are probably 100 questions I'd really like to ask about this, but I'll spare you! And I'm not asking you to speak for all Indians- please!- just some thoughts on these matters.

Thanks so much. Love your blog. Have a fabulous time- Carmen

Gawdess said...

Questions - I don't know what to start with.

It is only beginning to hit me, that my youngest kids have a very different heritage than I do and I need to honour that but am not sure how.

They are metis, any suggestions?

The Drama Momma said...

AAAHHH! She does live. Funny. I thought you may have all killed one another on your trip out. Looking forward to more tales from the road! Just write and post you don't have to wait while it loads, get up and do something else while it takes its time!

Manuela said...

Asa you know, Jo... your heritage has always moved me in ways I don't understand. I love reading this.... love it.