Wednesday, August 01, 2007

To Doolittleville and Back Again

I returned from Doolittleville on Sat afternoon, but I have been very busy catching up on my life since my return. Little Man has been really sweet but needy. Less vile than usual, but I am sure if he could have himself grafted to my side he would. I have been spending a lot of time reading stories and watching movies to make up for leaving him. While he is gone during the day, I have been making the many doctor appointments his new pedi wants done. Many of these are because of the switch to a new insurance provider. New neuro, in Oct, hematology, first appt available also in Oct, to see if they get to the bottom of the weird cyclical bruising he does. Also the dentist, because he needs to be sedated. Geez. Meetings with various service providers and my week has already been jam packed with fun!
So, the trip. I really can't say a great deal about it, except I am glad I was able to help and that it is hard to see someone you care about struggle so much.
The best part of the trip besides Eliza's cute, cute, cute animals was Cupcake!

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While it was a bit disconcerting to meet someone with frosting instead of hair, she was so sweet, I was soon able to overlook her "differentness" and just enjoy her company. Speaking of sweet, Cupcake wasn't that sticky sweet that makes your teeth ache, she was a wholesome, (she will probably be annoyed at me for saying that!) kind of sweet that just makes you want to grab another bite! (Hopefully she can have her frosting redone, I just couldn't resist a taste or two...)
She arrived, Wawa pretzels in hand, to be so disappointed that a Wawa was just around the corner from Eliza's. I was disappointed that the Wawa did not live up to my great expections built up from Cupcake's descriptions of the Wawa being just a step down from Mt. Olympus. The pretzels were quickly eaten, regardless of the close proximity of the Wawa.
We talked, and talked and talked. About our families, about life. Cupcake is a great conversationalist. She is a good listener and asks really good questions to keep the conversation rolling. We wrangled the three animals and continued to talk. She impressed me with how wise she is. Not like sad-wise, but a bright, unjaded kind of wise. So much smarter than I was at that age. She is sooo not creepy, or mean, or tough in way, shape or form. Wholesome, sweet, funny, smart, and easily melted by the cuteness around her. We laughed and I feel like I have blessed with a new friend. Good stuff, those cupcakes!
Enjoy some cute grand daughters, I sure have been!

Can you believe June Bug is six weeks old??
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Here they are in the tub together, like a pot of Cute Soup!
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Melissa said...

Welcome home, Jo! Sounds like you and Cupcake had a fabulous visit with the Doolittles. I wish I could have joined you. I'd love to be able to count you both in my list of real-life friends as well as the "bloggy buddy" file. :)

Pea and June Bug are SO freakin' cute. I just love it when you share photos of those two. :)

Keri said...

Way cute pictures of the kids! Thanks for sharing!

K J and the kids said...

Welcome back. Always good to come home after a fun trip. (did I just say that)

SUCH a CUTE picture of the soup.

Caustic Cupcake said...

BWAHAHAHA, I was having a bad frosting day in that picture. Thanks for all the kind words, but don't let that "wholesome" business get around; it'll ruin my rep.

Cute babies!

Junket said...

Are you effing kidding me?!? Cup is hard-effing-core! She eats metal shavings for breakfast! And "not jaded"? Talk about jaded! She's so jaded she's green. You color-adjusted that picture, didn't you?!? You can't fool me!