Thursday, September 20, 2007

I Found It!

What has Jo found? I am sure you are all asking.
My car keys? Nope, I think the ones I lost at Pygmy Child's wedding are gone forever. The ones I left in SD are already found, just not mailed.
My sanity? Nope again, that, I am sure, is gone FOREVER!
No, what I found, is my motivation to exercise.
Enough of a motivation that I have walked for 20-25 minutes, every day this week, and I just cannot find a way to weasel out of doing it. And that, my friends, if you knew me well, is something indeed!
I hate exercising. I find it incredibly boring and I have no patience to deal with it. Yay, yay, some of you, I know, listen to MP3 players, but remember, I don't really listen to music! There have only been a few times in my life that my exercise program lasted longer than, like say... oh, two days. I tried this last Jan, but at the time didn't realize my hemoglobin was in the toilet, and that is why I just collapsed after about 10 minutes.
So you are probably wondering what in the world kicked my butt hard enough to actually motivate me to do this.
Was it the health benefits? Nope. You would think it would and really it should. Considering I am at a huge risk for diabetes. Being Native American is actually one of the risk factors. Nice huh? But no, it wasn't.
Was it my increasing dislike for my physical self? Wrong again. At 45, no wait, I am 46, I have given up and just accepted myself, for good and bad. Sorry.
You know what it is? A fear of being publicly humiliated.
The class I am taking this semester? It is about the 60's, and we are taking a trip to San Francisco. (I am dying, hoping to meet L, from Homesick Home, whilst I am there!) The kids in my class are all quite young, NONE of them were even thought of in the 60's, much less even alive then. They love having me in the class. kind of like having a dinosaur in your palentology class, Wow! Cool!
Anyway, we are taking a WALKING tour of San Fran. HILLS, people, many, steep hills. I can just see myself, huffing and puffing up the hills, while all the young folk wait at the top, while their fellow, much older, rounder classmate tries not to have a heart attack. No way, I can not do that. I have until Nov 1 to get myself in good enough shape that I am not completely humiliated. So far, that is all the motivation I need.

10 Kids Who Want To Play:

bon said...

Yikes! So purchasing one of those Segway thingies is not an option?

The Drama Momma said...

Good for you! That is awesome. I am tired!!!!!I am working long hard hours. Sorry I couldn't take your call. I was caring for a neighbors 4 month old and finding myself a bit rusty.
Talk to you later. Still need your numbers again!

elizasmom said...

Go, Jo! I think fear of humiliation can be a great motivator — I'm sure you will be kicking butt and taking names on that walking tour.

Granny said...

San Francisco?



Katherine said...

Good for you! I've been trying to get back into walking too. I'm also not so big on music, but I really enjoy various podcasts that I can download onto my iPod. You can even get audiobooks to listen to. Anything to take my mind off the monotonous plodding along.

Jo said...

Yup! Sure hope so.

K J and the kids said...

Good job, and good luck.

Melissa said...

Way to go, my Jo. Getting into and sticking to an exercise program is a hard thing to do. I'm really proud of you. :)

Also, you are going to love San Francisco. My best friend went there and she said it was absolutely fantastic. :)

Eliza said...

Um, yeah, that's probably a good idea. Considering the way you, um, conquered, yeah, CONQUERED D.C., you might want to start preparing now. Oh, and WEAR WALKING SHOES! With socks! And, you know, ARCH SUPPORT! HAHAHA...whiner.

Don't worry, y'all, I don't really hate Jo, but I am EXCEEDINGLY annoyed that she wouldn't pull her nose out of that new Dick Francis book to talk to me. Because like, I put down HARRY POTTER to talk to her. HMPH. And she really does need to be reminded about the shoes!

Gawdess said...

I prefer exercise with a purpose.
Good for you!