Sunday, September 02, 2007

Interim Post

Ssssshhh! Don't tell Little Man I am out on the computer, he is sure to have a hissy fit about it if he finds out I am doing anything besides tending to his needs.
An explanation is needed before Mountain Monday tomorrow. It seems as though my youngest has lost his mind. Many, many, times lately. Eeek and egad. He was less than stellar on the trip to SD, but seemed to adjust after a few days. But he also had me pretty much 24/7. Therefore, going to school and his therapeutic after school program unhinged him, again. Wednesday was his first day of school. He was good in school I was told. But when his support person brought him home, he bit her, HARD, on the stomach. It was bad. Then he came into the house and lost his mind. Severely. I had to restrain him physically. It was a very long and very terrible afternoon with him.
Thursday was his appt* with his psychiatrist. He was actually pretty good at the appointment. But then. I did the unreasonable and unthinkable. I tried to get him to go home. WITH his DVD player, and his DVDs and with the set-in-stone routine of going to McDonalds afterwards. WHAT in the heck was I thinking? You would have thought I was offering to pierce his favorite body parts with red hot nails. He lost his mind over a piece of paper. Which he couldn't have, since it was his rx for his meds. When offered a similar piece of paper, he screamed, hit, and scratched me. It took 3 people, (myself, a guy who works there and a gal who works there) to get him out to the car. And at least another half and hour of wrangling before he would half-way calmly sit in his carseat buckled, so I could dare leave. I am NOT thinking about the future or what would happen if I had him by myself and that happened again. I just can't think about it. I have been traumatized from the length and intensity of the last couple of days.
We have currently canceled his after school program for the next week. I just can't do that to him. I sure wish I figure out a way to not to it to me! Change is so hard on him. Now you know why your other questions have yet to be answered. They will. Tomorrow. Amazing how one out of control kid can suck up your life. Today was good, Bald Man and I both napped whilst Little Man watched Godzilla. A nap. Glorious!
Sept 7, the psychologist comes to our house. ( I have got to clean, like really, really good before she gets here, lest she be led to believe my messy housekeeping is the reason why Little Man is so out of control.
Sept 26 appt with his Pediatrician
Oct 2 His new neuro PA who is doing the oversight of his Vagal Nerve Stimulator (his pysch warned me they are going to freak over his meds. Yay! I can hardly wait to deal with that one.
Oct 8 Appt with the Orthopedist for his "extremely" flat feet
Oct 11 appt with the hemotologist to try and figure out why this kid keeps bruising off and on and to deal with his other blood dyscrasias. He will get such weird labs at times, and we don't know why.
Nov 6,Appt with his Gastro doctor

Don't ever let anyone tell you I don't get to have any fun, just look at that list above and you can see it is PARTY TIME at Casa Tangled! Whoot!

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Yondalla said...

Well, I know about the exciting appointment calendar...

Sorry he is giving you such a time right now. I hope he settles into his new routine soon.


Gawdess said...

Now, normally when I hear that you are having party time, I so wish to be there with you - only this time?
No need to send me an invite...nope, I'm busy, thinking how easy my ice princess and my rocketing hormones teen are.

Really hoping that LM gets into a happy groove soon.

Could it be puberty rearing its ugly head?
Or beginning to.
I might be out to lunch on this, but just wondering.

You take care, hugs n such.

K J and the kids said...

That does sound like a party !
Good luck to you and your busy schedule.