Thursday, September 06, 2007

If It's Thursday, I Must Be Lost

Ah yes, the two step of insanity. But at least I am not alone on Planet Confused.
I needed to call and check on Little Man's appointment with Hematology. So, unsuspecting of any foul play or trickery, I pick up the phone and call the Large City Children's Hospital main line. "Hematology" I say. "Yes ma'am" the operator responds. Next I hear a young man's voice, "Oncology". I say, "they must have put me through to the wrong department, I am looking for hematology". The nice young man, says, "it is the same thing". I fire back, "not when you are a mother it isn't!" He laughs and says, "Oh sorry, I suppose not, same clinic then, okay?" Geez, the last thing anyone wants to hear when they call for an appointment for their child is the words, "oncology clinic".
So they start looking for his appointment, but they can't find it. They say, "oh on the 26th.." I say, "no, that is his pediatric visit", they say, "oh such and such" and I say, "no, this and thus". We danced prettily like that for about four minutes. The guy sounded cute. But then, they say, "hmmm, I can't find his appointment." And then the nice young man who I am imagining is very handsome and probably young enough to be one of my children, asks what the visit is for. I say, "his doctor wants Little Man checked for Von Willebrands" The young man responds with, "Oh! They like to have the lab work done for that BEFORE they see you, so you need to talk with the nurse first"
Since yesterday afternoon, the nurse and I have played phone tag. It really isn't so bad, except when you have played so much phone tag over the years chasing appointments for your kid with all the specialists, it just gets old. So finally, this afternoon, the nurse gets ahold of me, and says she will schedule the blood work. And if it is funky, they will schedule an appointment for him to the Blood Disorder doctor. I then say, "oh his pediatrican wanted him to see the doctor anyway, and go over the labs, because he has so many weird ones." The nurse says,"well, your doctor's office will need to call and make that appointment." I laugh, and say a wee bit stupidly, "but they already did that", knowing if they can't find it, it doesn't exist. She informs me THEY have to call. Nicely, but firmly.
I call Little Man's case manager and tell her they have lost his hematology appointment. She said, "but I already set up that appointment!", I say, "I know, but they lost it and it is gone, perhaps I am just going crazy". The case manager says, "well then I am too, because I clearly remember doing that." I apologize, because even though I am not the one who lost it, I am the bearer of bad news and I don't want her to be upset with me, and somehow, it feels like it is my fault.
So again, his ped's office will have to call and make another appointment. This time I need to write it down somewhere permanent. Perhaps on wall with a BIG, BLACK, Sharpie.

*Afternoon Update*
Since I am so willing to complain when Little Man is being vile, I must present for your viewing, NON vileness. I picked him up at the bus stop, just a bit ago, and he wanted to go get a new game. I am pretty indulgent about this, he gets at least one new one a month. Don't judge me too quick, there are so few things he really enjoys and playing video games is one of those things, so we try to let him have some joy in his life. He is looking so very handsome today, his hair is too long, and getting pretty wavey because of the length, and he looked oh so cute smiling at me with hope. So off we go to the game store, which is all of like one minute from the house, if that. He was soooo GOOD in the game store. So very normal, so cute, as we went through the games, and discussed which ones he had, and which ones he wanted. He finally decided on a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle game,(with the monsters, he informed me!). In the car on the way home, he points the picture on the front of the game, which shows one of the turtles giving a toothy grin. Little Man then informs me, turtles don't have teeth! When I mentioned these turtles do, and they eat pizza, Little Man said, turtles are like frogs and they don't have teeth and they eat flies. Where in heaven's name did that come from? So normal, so sweet, so well, dang it all, just very little boyish. I don't get enough of that. I just want you to know how very much these moments mean to me.

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K J and the kids said...

Now isn't that just poke you in the eye, spit in your face, kick you in the shin funny !
I feel as if you handled this better than most of us.

Oh and the bit on the oncology. THAT would have lead me to drink.

Good luck !

Granny said...

Hi Jo. Frustrating isn't it.

I'm back on line. Yippee!!

Jessi Louise said...

I absolutely hate making appointments for those very reasons.
The bit about Little Man was so sweet. That would certainly turn your mood around.

Melissa said...

I expect that if the oncology department had answered a phone call regarding my child's appointment, I'd have peed quite normally. In my pants.

I love the bit about Little Man, and can relate to it quite well as you know. The sweetness makes the sour a hell of a lot more palatable, doesn't it? :)

Jane said...

I smiled reading about the moment with Little Man. Those good moments really help, don't going from "I hate you Mommy and I don't want to live with you anymore" to "I love you Mommy and I'm sorry."

Jenny said...

TMNT is still a love of Dan's and he's 34. What is it about those guys?

bon said...

Birdy especially love the ninja turtles... wonder if she'd like a game too?

These good days, wish you could bottle them up and save them for little sips on the rough ones.