Friday, March 30, 2007


First, Happy First Bloga-versary to Us! Wow, can you believe it has been a whole year this week? You have all brought an added measure of joy to my life and I want to thank each of you readers and/or commenters. Thank you!
And surprise, who should show up at my door more than a week early???

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Pgymy Child, much to my surprise and delight! She wasn't supposed to be here until the 3rd, but decided she just could not miss the time with her family. To say this week has been crazy would be a major understatement. Next week with the wedding on Friday, I am sure with kick up the insanity a few notches.

I decided to get my hair cut and color out the gray too.

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People who know me well will be shocked to find I chose to have my hair streaked. And guess what? I love it! I wanted a younger, funner hair style and I got it. I also got my bushy eyebrows and my mustache yanked off my face. It always amazes me that I am willing to PAY for that torture.
I went to an upscale clothing store to be professionally fitted for a bra. Guess what? Oprah is right. I went up 3! cup sizes and down a band size. My hubby asked if they were hiring...
I had the Princess measured too. She went down 3 band sizes and up 2 cup sizes. She was really mad at Victoria Secert for selling her expensive and ill fitting bras! If you have never been fitted, go! do! You won't regret it.

And lastly

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Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the hair! The cut and color look fabulous! Plus, who doesn't love ending the week with a cute kiddo photo!

elizasmom said...

Me too on the hair - so cute! There will be lotsa pictures of the family in their wedding finery, right? Right? RIGHT?

And the Pea RULES! She cracks me up. I think you might have a little actress there, based on the recent photographic evidence. What a little ham!

Klynn said...

Love the new haircut/color. I bet it's even cuter/funner from the front. How great that pygmy came early and the pea is so adorable...but you knew that. Lots of happy stuff going on right now. Hope it outweighs any negative that might be going on behind the scenes. Keep the good/happy things going!

Jenny said...

Your hair is sooo shiney. I wish I had that. I like the new do too.

I second that Pea should be in pictures or ads or something. That child is so cute I could just bite her checks.

Jane said...

Gorgeous pictures, and your hair looks great.