Monday, March 19, 2007

A Very Tired Mountain Monday

Little Man decided to wake up at four this morning and never went back to sleep. I am very tired and I think I may have changed my mind about losing him... not really, but I am not a happy camper today. He also has caught a cold. He didn't have school today anyway, and I think with this cough he will probably be home again tomorrow. Bad news for me and perhaps for him if things don't take an upswing! ( I am sooo foul when I am tired!)
The weather has been sooo balmy and lovely. You will note the snow on the mountainsides is beginning to recede, so you will see the spring cycle begin. The poetry of the seasons dances outside my window. Remember the first snow last fall?

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This is a picture of Little Man before I lost him at the park. Amazing how a traumatic incident can mar your memory of the whole day. I had actually had a good day until I lost my son, but for some reason I can't get past that hour and the whole day has been colored with an ugly pen. Little Man looks sweet though. And hey he is perfectly fine.

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By the way, the policeman told us not to wait fifteen minutes next time. He told me I should have called the police after five minutes. That did make me feel like I didn't over react.
Speaking of that horrid day. Remember the gps unit? I had to unpack the boxes in my closet that were still packed from when we moved last year. I charged the unit, (3 times!) and tried to sync it up. Yah, whatever. Still didn't work. I called the support line and we are going to have to send it in and get another unit. Geez. I appreciate their response, but I am not happy at the time frame. Ah well.
A new week begins and I am hoping things will improve in the next couple of days. For right now, my Bald Man is home from work and I am going to run away for a bit, and put myself to bed early. Yay!

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elizasmom said...

OMG, Jo, I didn't read your entry from Saturday until just now — what a scare! I am so glad he was safe and sound and apparently completely unscarred / unaware of the experience. I hope he sleeps better so you get some rest to recover.
Beautiful mountains. We are buried under a foot and a half of new snow here, so I completely envy your weather.

marguerite said...

He looks so angelic. Yes, losing a child for 45 minutes will sap the color from the day; but the grey turned into dazzling technicolor when you found him, no?

But losing sleep? The worst. Sneak away and get a nap. A sweet, warm, soft nap. Oh, I love a nap.

Jenny said...
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Jenny said...

Wow! See what happens when I wait until Tuesday to read. Glad to hear everyone's ok and you can say what you want about crappy parenting - and we just won't believe it because we know you better than that. ;)