Monday, March 26, 2007

Mountain Monday Served with Dessert

It is still Monday in Utah, although midnight is quickly approaching. My day got away from me. I spent the day recovering from a less than pleasant weekend. Bald Man has a cold and I swear you would think he was dying. Geez, what a baby. And Little Man? If it were possible, I am sure he would request being grafted onto my thigh. He never left my side and he was very grumpy and high needs all weekend. I can not express the sense of relief I had this morning as the various family members returned to their weekday occupations.
Spring has sprung in Utah and I refuse to allow predictions of snow tomorrow to influence my opinion on this. I even have proof:

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I have no idea what kind of flowers those are, but they looked purty, so I thought I would share.

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The snow is receding and green is visible on the mountainsides.

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Nature's productions of the four seasons never fails to fill me appreciation and awe. The seasons are even more amazing when they are staged on the flanks of the mountains.

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And now for your dessert:

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5 Kids Who Want To Play:

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

Purty flowers is right and thanks for the ADORABLE dessert! hehe! We've been teaching Emma how to do somersaults, it's so fun! Is that how you spell that? Hmm! haha

I can relate so much to bald man being a baby with a cold, Emma had a cold on the weekend and she is less of a baby about it than Trevor (hubby)! What is the deal with men being babies when they are sick?

Liza said...

Oh, that is SO cute! Love the Pea.

elizasmom said...

Aaaaaaaagh. It is a good thing I did not look at this earlier today, because I would have gotten NO WORK AT ALL DONE. That is some seriously adorable somersaulting!

Katherine said...

Those purty flowers look like forsythia to me. I have a couple of them blooming in my yard now too.

Melissa said...

Those ARE some purty flowers. Purty mountains too, as always.

Pea is freakin' adorable. I miss having a little one that age a lot lately. So much for my theory that hearing your biological clock ticking is a bunch of hooey. ;)