Saturday, April 14, 2007

Devils and Angels

Bald Man is at work, it is almost 12:30 here and I am, as of yet, unable to shower, so I am still in my jammies. Little Man is being incessant, so I must attend to every whim, lest there be a price higher than I am willing to pay foisted on me. A price that might include something high priced being broken, like say a DVD player, or the Playstation... or just messy, like the time he shredded a used diaper and it looked like a snowfall in his room. But instead of pretty white snowflakes, we got thousands of fingernail sized pieces of yellow, (yes YELLOW! I said it was used)shredded diaper insides scattered all over his room. Oh and don't forget the bad fun with paint. So being smelly in my nightgown seems like the road I would be happier choosing in the long run.
But that means you are stuck with me for now! The computer is right next to where he is playing the Playstation, (Spyro) so I can keep on eye on him.
As Liza alluded to yesterday, Little Man had an appointment with the lab at the Big City Children's Place for Sickos and I was assuming I had an appointment with the devil himself. Remember last summer? Remember the Lab visit from hell?? I am so traumatized from the whole thing I just drive myself crazy anticipating the very worst. Makes me think instead of giving Little Man his calm down drug, I should take it myself*. That way, no matter what happens, I wouldn't care.
Much to my surprise, Little Man was utterly perfect and completely well behaved. Not just well behaved for an autistic child with a very limited IQ, but well behaved for the brightest and easy going-est child ever. I have heard you can be possessed by demons, is it possible to be possessed by an angel? Whatever magic happened, I am forever grateful. Even the lab tech, who was a gem, went on and on about what a good kid he was and how she wished all the patients were that good!!! What???
I drove home, marvelling at whatever karma, planets lining up, prayers answered had happened. Pulled up into my parking spot and guess what? Little Man's regular self showed up. There was much screaming, name calling and throwing of objects. (HIM of course, not me!) He even nailed Bald Man with his shoe. And this behavior continued until he finally fell asleep. So whatever good spirits possessed my son's body for those three hours left. I hope they come back soon, I really enjoyed them.

*This is of course me joking, I would never take a medicine prescribed for my son, in case anyone is thinking anything else!

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Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

Isn't that the greatest when the kids behave and are complimented, I love that feeling!