Friday, April 20, 2007


New York, at the least the airport part was great! The people were all very nice and very friendly. The best part? All the diversity! I loved seeing all different kinds of people. Utah can be rather a vanilla place to be. There was a small problem with me just a tad bit late for the connecting flight from NYC to Doolittleville, but the crew was gracious enough to open the door for me and let me in the plane. How embarrassing... I was tired from traveling all night, but so excited to meet Eliza and her animals. She was thinner and very pretty than the idea I had in my head. That doesn't sound right. It is not that I thought she was ugly, but she is just.. oh never mind. Skinny, pretty, let's leave it at that. She is just as snarky in real life as she is in the cyber world. We are just having fun hanging out with Redzils and Me and Liza. The Medium Animal has taken to calling me, "this one". 'I don't want you mommy, I want this one". Pointing at me. Liza smirks as I get off my butt and do the grandma thing with the Animal. Cute, very cute animals. Noisy, very, very noisy animals. Busy, busy, very, very busy animals. Kind of like my house, only there are more of them!
We haven't had any bad fun yet. Well the Smallest Animal had bad fun whilst I was supposed to be watching thon, but I was helping thon's sibling, and had my back turned. Yah. Bad fun. Liza mocked me for that one. The Animals are napping and the plan is after eating we will have bad fun.
All is well at home. JJ's medical state continues to be stable and he is actually pretty repentant about the stupidity that went with the seizure. Little Man? Out of sight, out of mind with that little guy. Bald Man seems to be doing a great job holding down the fort. Thanks sweetie.
That is all for now, but you can look forward to the Adventures of Jo and Eliza in the Big City! And the one about Redzils, Jo and Eliza and the Bad Fun Gang.
P.S. I left my digital camera at home! ARGH, I could kick myself. I will be buying a cheap one for the trip I guess. Drat.

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