Monday, April 23, 2007

Notes to Self

1. Be 20 years younger than the dominant age group if you are going on a walking tour of ANY large city.
2. Remind self the younger generation does not approve of public embarrassment in the form of saying loudly "Look at that guy, he's hot, Hi, how are you??" directly to aforementioned young man.
3.Bring wheelchair
4.Forget trying to convince the drinking members of the group they are entirely too chatty and silly after a couple of drinks. They will dismiss your teetotalling opinions and accuse you of being too straightlaced and horrified to have a valid opinion.
5.Objects bought early in the day become at least 10 times heavier by the end of the day once they have been toted all over town.
6.Never let Eliza convince you that going to the Washington Monument first is a great idea when the Museum of the American Indian lies not just in the opposite direction but approximately twice as far away as the distance from the earth to the moon.
7. Bring a net so when Eliza is bouncing happily around like a rabbit on amphetamines you can do something about it.
8.Remind yourself that when you were twenty something you too were slimmer and more energetic.
9.Rent wheelchair if you forgot to bring one.
10. Little people are infinitely darling when they are not your own
11.People who own no children might not enjoy you stopping and cooing at every cute baby you see on the mall in Washington D.C.
12.Giving the White House, i.e. Bush the finger is INCREDIBLY satisfying even if you are Mormon.
13.Laughter multiplied by three is the best laughs of all.

BTW? I love Eliza, enough to make her my second wife. BUT, the Patriarch is my new best friend. He left his laptop here so Eliza and I are not trying to be patient when the other one is on her puter.

6 Kids Who Want To Play:

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

You sound like so much fun! Maybe your next trip needs to be to cheeseville! haha

Jenny said...

OMG If you go to cheeseville I can drive up! I'm almost in cheeseville, I'm just under the cheese. (mark that down under 'statements you never thought you'd be excited to say')

redzils said...

Ha! As the non-child-owning member of the party, I can assure you it wasn't so bad.

And, we weren't TOO chatty and silly, we were JUST chatty and silly ENOUGH.

By the time you get this: Welcome home!

Melissa said...

I'm with Michelle. Come to Cheeseburg. The cheese, it beckons to you. Also, you can meet both of us at once since we live in the same city, so it's a two-fer.

You flipped Bush off? ::wiping away a tear of joy:: I love you more than you'll ever know for that.

Granny said...

Did you remember to give him a second finger for me?

Sounds like a wonderful time.

Manuela said...

Hey! What did you think of the Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian???

I ventured to DC from up here in frozen Canada a couple years ago, and Attila and I were actually very disappointed in that museum. Neither of us felt it did justice to the indigenous people of the Americas. It felt... like an architectural exercise first and foremost, with exhibits relating to Native Americans running a far distant second. We felt they really didn't capture the SOUL of this varied nation of peoples.... we left feeling very frustrated. That they'd done a better job demonstrating the history of television over at one of the neighbouring museums. And no... I only wish that were a facetious remark. It's a disillusioned remark at best.