Monday, April 02, 2007

Mountain Monday with some Whine

Ahhh!!! Crazy, it is crazy here. Little Man meltdowns, me with a tummy bug on sat, grumpy older children, insane cleanng and to top it all off, Little Man has this week, (why this week of all weeks???) off for Spring Break. So here I am, on Monday trying to get some stuff done and being thwarted by a needy and messy kid. I was trying to finish up the steam cleaning on the carpet that had one more spot to get done, and whilst I did that, Little Man dismantled my vaccumm cleaner, got a hold of blue glue stick and spread it all over his room and the bathroom and PEED all over the clean toilet and floor. It is only noon here! I am not showered yet and I won't be until I can find some way to occupy the boy without him wreaking havoc on the apartment. His bedroom is beyond any amount of messy and has entered into a place of almost complete entropy. We will not be cleaning it until tonight. I still have a rat cage, the master bath to scrub and master bedroom. Makes me tired thinking about it.
Brown Boy arrives tomorrow, his side of the family the day after and I have still more wedding prep than I want to think about.
But in spite of all the insanity and the late snow, spring continues to bloom in my little corner of the world. The weather forecast for Friday is in the 70's and the Salt Lake Temple grounds are in full spring bloom. The view from my balcony continues to delight me on a daily basis and I think you will enjoy it too.

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And a helping of my little Pea for the yummy topping:

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I have no idea if I will have any time for blogging this week, so I will catch you when I can...

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Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

Beautiful blossoms and baby! :) Sorry your Monday sucks, go to bed and wait for a better day! haha

I tagged you for a music meme! :)

elizasmom said...

Good luck with the craziness of the week. I'm sure it will all go beautifully for everyone in the end and all the meltdowns will only be a small blip!
BTW: There's something about Pea's expression in today's photo that reminds me an awful lot of Pygmy Child. I think it's around the eyes, maybe? I dunno, but somehow, she takes after her auntie in this picture.

Jenny said...

Would it help you to know that Ella is trying to poop in he potty, accidently got it in her pants instead and then picked it out to put it in the potty, dropped it on the floor and cried. When Dan went to help and stepped in it tracking it all over the bathroom he cussed and she cried some more then they both cried when the dog tried to eat it. I was still chewing the last of my dinner when I had to go put the dog outside, Ella in the tub and send Dan to the basement with his poopy shoe. - It's in the air today.


Jo said...

My Jenny, I sure as heck hope you don't have to do that when she is 9! I have a brown streak down the hallway that I am currently ignoring, because I think I know what it is...sigh...

Melissa said...

Beautiful mountains, Jo and pretty flowers too! Pea is precious as always. That little girl makes me smile. :)

Here's hoping that the week tames down for you and that Pygmy Child's wedding is as lovely as she is.

Priscilla Pseudonym said...

This reminds me so much of the chaos and exhaustion we went through before Daughter #1's wedding. The day itself usually turns out beautifully, because there's a point of no return when you just have to relax and go with the flow.

The baby shower was another exhausting event: whole house had to be scrubbed and fancied up for guests. I'm not likely to repeat that particular experiment any time soon!

Thanks for the wonderful potty-training scenario, jenny. I nearly fell out of my computer chair!

Hi, lil Pea! Look at that sweet face!