Thursday, May 10, 2007

What a Week!

Since last we spoke, it has been an insanely crazy week here at Maison De Tangled. I will go in order, hopefully to inform more and confuse less.
On Monday, I was driving the Princess and her Pea to my house, and we were on the freeway. I saw a cop, I mean a very nice policeman, and looked at my speedometer. Great, I was going 70 in a 55 mph zone. I did what any self respecting and law abiding citizen does, I pushed on my brakes quickly and prayed deeply he wouldn't notice my speed or brake lights. Yeah, well I kept pushing and the car kept going and my eyes got bigger and bigger as I was saying to myself, naw, there isn't anything wrong with the brakes, the brakes always need to be pushed to the floor before the car slows down. I didn't do such a great job reassuring myself either. Thank goodness we were only a mile or so from the apartment and we got home safe and sound. I called Bald Man and he rushed home to figure out what happened.

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See the round part to the left? The whole brake line is supposed to look like that. See the part to the right where it is rubbed flat with a slit in it? Yeah, that is the part that squirted my brake fluid all over the freeway as I was trying to slow down. We are all very, very grateful nothing bad happened. Bald Man fixed it and my brakes once again slow down without needing to be pushed to the floor.
Now you are caught up to Monday afternoon.
Monday evening? I went to a landscape needle felting class. Dang I had a good time! And here is my picture:

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Sheepies and meadows. I guess I was all about the peacefulness after my close call with being squashed on the freeway.
Although, blood and carnage can be good things if they are connected to Peeps instead of people. Come check out what Eliza and Redzils and I did while hanging out in the grand town of Doolittleville. Peep Carnage! We weren't even drinking or anything. This is what happens when three nerds under terrific stress come up with as entertainment. Our insanity is your enjoyment.
Little Man's doctor had told us a long time ago that kids with his syndrome do better if they have animals in their lives. Since it looks like Utah is the place we are going to be for a while, we decided to give our boy something he has literally crying for.

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Initially Little Man was calling this girl kitten Justin, but last night decided Fluffy would be a good name. Whew.

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She is sooo sweet and doing really well. Little Man is all smiles and the vileness has been toned down to the reasonable level. This little ball of fur has already brought so much joy and so many smiles to our boy's face. Someone in our house is NOT amused about the new addition though.

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The Cockatoo Princess is NOT amused. This is her all fluffed and insulted that we dare bring in any competition.
And there ya go. All caught up in the excitement and fun I call my life.

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Katie W said...

Sooooo cute (the kitten I mean) though Little man kind of is to!

Melissa said...

I laughed so hard at the Peep carnage that I snorted.

Also, Fluffy is adorable. Congratulations on the new addition. :)

Granny said...

She's adorable. I'll have to go back and check out the Peeps.

Jenny said...


Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

Scary about the brakes, then the rest of the post is so beautiful, LOVE the felted landscape, I must learn more about this.

The kitty is so freakin' cute I could squeel and the bird is BEAUTIFUL!

elizasmom said...

The peeps — awesome!!
The kitty - adorable!
The birdie — also adorable! Tell her not to worry, she's still the prettiest birdie on the Internet.

Janell said...
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Janell said...

It's times like that that one must be grateful for the redundant emergency brake! The problem is during an emergency it is difficult to remember than the emergency brake exists -_-; I've had brakes fail on me twice: once due to something wrong with the break fluid and once because of a faulty cruise control device.

I'm glad to hear you were able to stop safely!

(PS. I deleted my previous comment due to atrocious spelling.)

Heather said...

Hee hee. Our kitten had a boy name because the vet kept telling us she was a he. I still don't know the difference until it's obvious and at the point it became so, the he/she kitty had already become accustomed to being called "Captain Jack," as in Johnny Depp's character from "Pirates". To keep the he/she kitty (which also became nickname amongst friends of ours) from having a little identity crisis, we just shortened it to CJ - very asexual. :-)

Glad your new kitty is settling in and spreading more than just kityt litter around your home. Yeah!

Manuela said...

Thank, thank GOODNESS you are o.k.!!!

And the kitty??? How could it NOT have a calming affect on a soul! Such innocent sweetness and vulnerability... I think it's so wonderful that Little Man is reacting so well to her.