Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Paper Chase

The school year is winding down and you would think it would be quieter time of year. Yay, you'd think. You'd think wrong. Things are just gearing up for much craziness. With the end of the school year, many things must be put in place. One is the school for next year. IF we are still here, Little Man will NOT be attending the same school. There is no way I can cope for another year with the neglect and meanness of those two teachers. I kept getting a form in his backpack and then follow-up phone calls about getting the form turned in. I finally called the school district and told them forget it, he will not be attending there next year and they better find another placement. ARGH! Paperwork.
Because school will be getting out, we need to decide what is going on with the boy about summer. He had such a lousy summer last year, I do not want to send him to the same summer program. It wasn't that it is a bad program, but they have no other kids his age and I think that was a large part of it. So that means more phone calls and guess what? Yes, paperwork, as we decide which program he will attend. We found a good one I think, and I am hoping he has an awesome summer this year.
And last, but not least at all, is how the visit went with his psychiatrist. She is recommending that he do an inpatient psych stay. I can't quite wrap my brain around it. He is still such a small child inside. But, she needs to tweak his meds and she would like to start a program to get his aggressive behaviors under control before he gets seriously dangerous. So we are considering it. After school lets out.
And.. we need to switch his health providers. The good news his psych would become his primary care doctor. Bad news is we would lose his precious, precious neurologist, Dr. Maverick. I have not been pleased with the neuro care Little Man received at the Sick Kids hospital in the Big City, and that is where we would be going back to. This could get ugly, but I am hoping it doesn't. More phonecalls. No paperwork for me to do with that one, someone else does it. Thank goodness, I have plenty to do over here.
Who ever thought it would be a good idea to increase the paperwork tenfold when you are already struggling to raise a special needs child should be taken out to a field and shot. Humph.

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Azul said...

Ah, the dreaded IEP! Ya gotta love the Public School System, huh? If there is a way to make things more complicated and kill more trees in the process, they will find it.

Best of luck in wading through the mire, and with the Doctor situation. I hope Little Man has an awesome summer, too!

elizasmom said...

OMG what a ginormous pain in the youknowhat. I hope all that paperwork pays off in a great placement for Little Man and a lovely summer for all of you. I hope those two lousy teachers feel just a wee bit guilty for sucking so bad you decide to leave (will there be professional repercussions? That would be deserved, I think).

Bored in Vernal said...

Yikes, Jo, what a pain! Here are my best wishes too--that you can get it all sorted out.

Granny said...

Tell me about it. I drown in paperwork.

Good luck with all of it. Why does life have to be so darn hard.

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

What a pain, all the paperwork and phone much work! But it's worth it to get Little Man in a better place!

Sugar Pixie said...

What a hard decision to make... no Dr. Maverick? Egads!

In a sickly funny sort of way, if his inpatient stay lasts long enough, you can cut your paperwork in half by avoiding a summer program altogether!

Sending good luck waves from the East Coast tp Utah.

Manuela said...

Oh, sweety. (shaking head) Why, oh WHY do things have to be so COMPLICATED for parents who just want the best for their children.