Monday, June 04, 2007

Conversation With God

READER ALERT!!! ...Alas, Jo's internet is down until tomorrow, so she is paying instead at an internet cafe type place for her fix today. No mountain monday. This post will take the place of MM today.

God, Um, I don't mean to whine or anything, and I really am very grateful for my blessings and for answered prayers. Really. But, could I please beg you for an uncomplicated blessing?
We are so happy, really thrilled that Little Man is eating. It is no small miracle and every bite he chews and swallows is met with prayers of gratitude and thanksgiving. Really, I mean it.
But I just don't understand, why if it goes in, the coming out has to be so complicated? So many phone calls, hours of worry, and the conversations about poop! Oh my gosh. Especially the one to the lady who didn't identify herself on the phone and I thought was the GI nurse, but turned out to be the school district's special ed person. That one was not so good. I was quite embarrassed. And I felt stupid.
And then we have all the medicines, because Little Man is so complicated.
God, we are really so glad that the medicine worked, that he didn't get all stopped up and impacted, because we have been there, and being inpatient, and NG tubes, Go-lytely and enemas are so very unpleasant, and we are really grateful, I mean, really, really grateful that it didn't get to that point. But did it all have to come out at 3 in the morning? With poop like everywhere? Is there any particular reason that we were all up, and there was poop in the bed, and poop on the floor and poop all over the bathroom and even getting all that poopy stuff in the washer, I had to wash down the washer, cause there was more poop? And did he really have to stay up the rest of the night? So come Saturday day, Bald Man and I were absolutely dead with tired and we couldn't do anything that day? Don't get me wrong, we are so very grateful our prayers were answered, really. But 3 a.m.? Did it have to be 3? That is the part I don't get. If there is something I am missing here, please fill me in.
So, please God, don't think me ungrateful, but could we please have some uncomplicated blessings? I really am too tired for anything else. Either that or send a maid. I could deal with that. Thanks as always, Your Child, Jo

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Eliza said...

BWAHHAHAHAHA! BWAAAAAHHHH! Whoo-hoo, ahem, uhm, I mean Frankenstein, Hallelujah to that, sister. You tell that dirty old man!

Jane said...

Oh, my. You have had a time. Glad things are "going through", though--Lew has digestive problems that are different from your Little Man's, but we too have known the joys of impaction and hospitalization.

Here's to uncomplicated blessings and answered prayers.

Manuela said...

Oh, Sweety... I'm so sorry you had such a, erm... well... sh*tty night!

bon said...

Oh Jo! Uncomplicated blessings? How about blessings that just don't require a clean-up crew!
Are you crying while you laugh or laughing while you cry?

Tammy and Parker said...

You know, I've had a few conversations with God like that myself.

I found you via Mormon Mommy Wars =)

Priscilla Pseudonym said...

Now THAT'S not your ordinary, boring, lifeless prayer!

What can we say? "God Moves in a Mysterious Way, His Wonders to Perform."