Monday, June 25, 2007

Don't Let Your Kids Look!

I was over at Granny's and she had a widget you can click on and find out what your blog is rated.

Check it out!

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Yup, me, your local Mormon lady was rated R for the use of the word poop 6x, gay 4x and crap 1x. I hate to say it, I guess my life is not G rated, although my mouth is.
Eliza is hatefully, terribly amused by this. Her blog was only rated PG. Guess the stupid rater missed her use of the "f" word just a few entries back. All I have to do is say the word "poop" to send her into peals of laughter. So, whatever, don't believe the blog rater, they don't know crap and I say, POOP on them.
And it is Mountain Monday, although my lil' bloggies, I am not as happy as I usually am. We had an emergency run to the Ped's office yesterday since Little Man's eye was tearing, swollen and had some eye boogers. He has pink eye. He is home today. Any hope of accomplishing anything today is pretty much out the window. Ah, so goes life.
Instead of listening to me whine, I will regal you with pictures of my life. Here goes:

The Mountains. That snow is ALL gone. But the mountains outside my window continue to be beautiful.
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On friday, Girlfriend and Oldest Son brought the newest member of our family over.
Her daddy is hopelessly gone on his daughter and she quiets to the sound of his voice and his touch.
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Girlfriend looking so very good!
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There was much fighting with Little Man and the Pea over the new baby. Who ever was holding the June Bug was happy and the other was howling. That was fun! (not!)
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There is no doubt this baby is loved.

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Chag said...

I got an R rating for writing death three times, hell twice, and piss once. Sites must have to be REALLY clean to earn a G rating.

elizasmom said...

I LOVE the photo where Pea is giving Little Man the evil eye, like, "Unhand that baby, chump, or pay the price." She cracks me up.

June Bug is the cutest.

Off to find out my rating!

Yondalla said...

I got PG for gay 2x and queer 1x.

Aparently having LBGTQ about a million times did not matter. And all the swear words with *'s in the middle.

Can you imagine if I still had the posts about Evan's sexcapaes on the blog? Of course I think I just used words like "bleeping" and "public locker room."

Clearly the rater can't read for content.

Granny said...

Cute pictures. You already know about my PG rating for use of the word death.

But an R?

One of the blogs I vist (you'd probably hate it) was bemused by his G rating. He should be an NC-17 and he knows it.

Katie W said...

Why on earth is using gay enough to make you R rated? Are we not meant to use a correct word to describe homosexual people anymore?
My blog got a PG rating for use of the word dead (In reference to pot plants I think), and hell (probably where I will end up if there is a God!).
It seems to have missed the George Bush posts where certain words beginning with F were used!

Bored in Vernal said...

Love the pics!
My blog got an R rating for---get this---the word "missionary" (6x), "dead" (2x) and "pain" (1x). Go see my post on the subject!

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

OMG, have to try the rating thing! Oh, what a coincidence, Pea has the same swimsuit as my daughter!! Well, my daughter has more than one, but she was wearing that very one last night when we went to the pool for Baby Seals class!! We got it at Target! :) LOVE the baby pics

K J and the kids said...

You potty mouth.

WHAT A BEAUTIFUL new grandbaby you have. Congratulations.

bon said...

I was a little humiliated to find that my blog was rated "G"... I'm such a wiener.