Friday, June 08, 2007


I have been a bad blogger this week. It has been a bit nutty and life is very full and round as you can see.....

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Our little June Bug will be here by the 14th of June. I am in the middle of trying to make my new grand daughter her ragged edge quilt. This on top of having to drive all the way into the Big City to pick up more formula for Little Man. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention... you remember the eating thing, with Little Man? He quit. He is down four pounds. So being out of formula is just not an option right now. It was nice while it lasted. The eating thing, that is. It gave us more time, and that is not anything to laugh at.
I will leave you with something cute and something funny.
First the cute:

My Brown Eyed Girl

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And now the funny:

******** (updated)For some reason the youtube video isn't showing up, if you can't see it like me, try this link instead
Okay, I give up. If you can't see it like me, then just go to, put in Meeko, cockatoo in the search bar and watch bird vs cat, part 4. Stupid blogger.*****

If you turn up the volume you will hear the kitten hit the wall. These two are soooo funny together and are good friends. After Meeko chases the Kitten Formerly Known as Justin away, she says to her "come on, come on". The kitten isn't really afraid of the bird, so I guess Meeko hasn't really given her a good bite... yet!

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Priscilla Pseudonym said...

Now, THAT'S what I call pregnant! Whooooo-HOO! Brings back a lot of memories! So glad for all that baby will be here before the really scorching months.

Sorry to hear LM's not eating. Very scary and upsetting.

Pea is gorgeous, as usual. What a sweet little thing! Showing any temper yet?

Uh...if Meeko ever gets a beak full of TKFKAJ's tail, there's gonna be some yowling we will be able to hear in NJ!