Thursday, October 11, 2007

I am a BAD Blogger

Yes I am. But I have a good excuse, I do! My good, good girlfriend from another state, to be known as Supermommy, came to my place this week for some serious Jo loving. I just want to tell you that if you choose me as your friend, I am the BEST friend ever.
Evidence. Supermommy has had 9 kids. NINE!
She shows up at my door this week and I am all like, "Wow, you are sooo skinny, you have really lost some weight!"
I am then informed, with Supermommy pulling out the sides of her pants and complaining, THESE pants are TOO big! I have got to shopping while I am here. These fours, (you heard right!) are too big. I need some twos. Size 2!
The proof that I am the best friend ever? I didn't hit her, strangle her, nor did I shove a tube down her throat in the middle of the night and pour melted lard into her stomach. I went to the Kohls, where we forced by lack of 2's in the grown up section to move to the juniors. Sigh, come on I want to hear a collective groan of empathy from all of you! And I did. I ran around Kohls looking for the right color and pocket size. She has no butt now, because she is so dang thin. Do we feel sorry for her? Nope, we do not, but we did sigh and tsk and look for smaller pockets. Because we are nothing if we are not the BEST FRIEND EVER!
She will be leaving in a few days and I expect Mountain Monday to resume as usual on Monday.
P.S. Another reason not to hate Supermommy. She is really watching what she is eating and she is running 5 or 6 miles a day. So at least she earned her svelte new shape.

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Sue said...

Oh, man, you KNOW I am empathizing. I am so feeling you on this one, in the way that only someone chubby can feel it. THAT is friendship.

NINE kids and a size two. Wow.

bon said...

I gotta give it to a woman who is workin' hard for it... still. 2?


Melissa said...

I have a THIGH that's a size two. Actually, my thigh is probably bigger than a two. But yeah, let's just say I'll never be that wee and leave it at that.

Sounds like your girlfriend's working hard for the money so I can hardly hate on her for being so tiny. Way to go, Supermommy! :)

Yondalla said...

Very impressive. Even if you wouldn't look at pictures of Eliza's ... um never mind.

You are a great friend and I am glad you got time to spend with someone who is a friend to you.

Did you at least offer her lots of sweets?

Caustic Cupcake said...

Pour melted lard into her stomach... BWAHAHAHAHA!

K J and the kids said...

No, I don't have to like her.
Size 2's are for little girls.

Yes, you are the best friend ever.
I would have voted you the "BEST" friend ever if she would have shown up at your door, with all nine kids, 2 weeks pregnant with her 10th and still in her maternity cloths from the other nine...and your response would have look so thin, and beautiful. Can I take your kids whilest you go and lie down. Here let me get you some cake honey.

You see why you 'just' missed it. :)