Saturday, July 19, 2008

Drama King

Little Man woke up today complaining his head hurt. That is a new one. I gave him some advil for it and because he didn't have any other symptoms, ignored it. He did complain of a tummy ache, but I blew that off because we are trying to raise his feeding rate. Right now he is on 72 mls an hour. That works out to 2.4 oz spread over an hour, which isn't much. We have been slowly bumping it up 1ml at a time since he was about at 65 because it was obvious he couldn't tolerate the 5mls an hour more we had been doing. 1 ml is .03 oz, a very small amount, and what is more, it is spread over an hour. Now this kid doesn't know we are increasing his rate, so there is no way for him to fake the tummy ache and the uncomfortable feeling of being too full. The part I don't get is how mere drops an hour can make a difference! I guess it is like filling a glass. Even if you filled it one drop at a time, no matter how long you took to fill it, at some point it will be one drop too many and the glass will overflow.
Little Man had respite, so Bald Man and I fled for our first respite time in many months! We saw Mama Mia, we both just loved it. But after Little Man got dropped off and lost his mind, I was snuggling him and noticed he was awfully warm. Took his temp and he was at 101.8. Yikes. I gave him more advil and was watching TV with him. He looks up and me and says, "mommy, don't forget to put flowers on my grave." I was rather startled and said, "what?". Little Man responded with, "I am going to die and go live in heaven with Jesus." Melodramatic much? Silly boy.

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bon said...

Yeeks! Still, not fun to hear from the kiddo anyways!

K J and the kids said...

That just made me sad that he said that.

Glad you got out, wasn't that movie great !?
Had you seen the broadway version ?

Holly said...

What a pull at the heartstrings! Poor baby, hope he is feeling better this morning.

Loved the movie, have to send you a clip of my "dancin' queen"

elizasmom said...

OK, maybe I'm a bad person, but my first thought upon reading his dramatic comment after your description of his illness was that maybe he had a touch of the man flu!

(Man flu or not, I hope he feels better soon!)

Maggie said...

Dramatic or not, that had to shock the heck out of you to hear him say something like that.

Jo said...

Maggie, actually yes it did and I didn't like it, so I have chosen to focus on his silly melodrama instead, cause the other stuff is just to horrible to comtemplate.

Deb said...

great heavens! i cant believe he said that!
yes, lets just focus on the drama king.

too scary.

PeWee said...

holey toledo, that is hardcore mellodrama!