Monday, July 28, 2008

Mountain Monday and a Contest!!

I don't have very many pictures tonight. It has been a busy day here and I couldn't get out until almost 9 our time, so I only got a couple that are worth showing.

But in spite of the evening blurriness, I think you can see the surging white heat of summer, browning the mountain sides. Hot, it is HOT here.

First up, Little Man update. He is doing better today. His gums look fine, today, perfect. Weird huh? We survived our trip to the city by the great, stinky, fly infested, sea monkey inhabited lake. Little Man was good as gold during his blood draw. Strange kid. Sometimes it is just hell and other times he is better than any regular ole kid. I called his doctor this morning, we have an appt with him in a little over a week, so we will keep it and discuss what is going on then.

And now, on to the contest. I am unsure of the prize(s) but it will be something!

How Well Do You Know Jo?

This following picture is a picture of what I pulled out from under my bed the other day. Your mission, should you choose to do it, is 1. Identify the objects. 2. Tell me the significance of the object. (This is the part where you prove how well you have been listening.)

You have until Friday, whenever I get around to it, to leave a comment with the above mentioned 1 and 2. Good luck!

7 Kids Who Want To Play:

Coach B. said...

Corcodile Tale Book
Hair Spray
3 cards
toy car
another lego
water bottle - little man's favorite
plastic cup - little man threw off the bed in an angry fit after he lost his water bottle which was under the bed
diego soringe - makes the usual medical treatment about 2% easier because it's diego
sucker - given to little man while mom went to search for more water bottles
candy wrappers - the dog jack ate the candy and hid the wrappers under the bed in an attempt to blame it on bald man
two unidentifiable objects - rubbed for good luck for the Princesses upcoming American Idol tryout!!!!

elizasmom said...

Wow, the pressure's on, but OK, I'm game.

I'm going to ID the Gatorade and syringes — both of them are used in feeding/keeping Little Man hydrated.

The lollipop from a doctor's visit.

Diego is Pea's, and the Crocodile tales too, because she loves animals.

And the duckie for Junebug?

Unknown said...

I will play but I have to study the pic a little first. So I will answer later this evening (after the visit with the prodigal son)

Jessica G. said...

I'm not gonna attempt this one because I saw the other entries... :)

But I will say that I am quite surprised to not see any wool fibers or dragons down there.

bon said...

Oh... I cannot even organize my brains to try.

Jillybean said...

First of all, I need to tell you that your pile of stuff looks very similar to what we just found under our couch.
Since these were found in under YOUR bed, I must assume that they are all yours, because I can't imagine anyone else (especially children) putting things under your bed.
(Because that never happens at our house)

1. Comb and hairspray-because you like to look nice.
2. Gatorade bottle and sippy cup-you were thirsty.
3. Playing cards-You like to play poker?
4. Reese's peanut butter cup wrappers-You like chocolate, and those have chocolate on them.
5. Gum wrapper- You chewed gum to get rid of the peanut butter breath?
6. "A Crocodile tail" Book- I KNOW how much you like to read.
7. Rubber duck- To keep you company.
8. Syringes-Originally used to give Little Man his medication, but now you fill them up with water and squirt them at the family. For fun! (You also use them when you go to the big city, to squirt all of the sea monkeys off of your car)
9. Blocks and toy car- You made a jump out of the blocks (and a few playing cards) and send the car flying.
10. Picture of Diego- He's cute. Why wouldn't you have a picture of him?
11. A sucker with the wrapper still on it-This proves that the kids didn't put it there, because they would have eaten it. Or at least taken the wrapper off, licked it a few times and then stuck it to the dog.
12. Is that red and white thing a toy chicken? This one has me baffled. Why would you have a toy chicken under your bed? Is he there to keep the rubber duck company when you're not there? Is he the one who really ate the peanut butter cups? Does the chicken have something to do with that card that has the jellyfish on it?

How did I do?


Holly said...

First that a "rub my duckie" under there?

The Gatorade bottle is Little Man's at bedtime as is the cup as at times he's been known to drop/throw the bottle, the lego's I assume are Bald Man's for when you are busy with Little Man and caring for the house, the cards, ditto. The book...well, Little Man and the Pea both love those reptiles and amphibians so I'm guessing it is theirs and the syringes are from these horrible PICC line, infection, cellulitis days. The comb and hairspray are of course to make yourself beautiful. And the candy......well, we all love candy. So about the duckie??????