Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hung Over

Emotionally hung over that is. I actually have never been physically hung over. But I am a grown up, I know people who drink, and I am a consumer of the mass media, so I think I have an idea what being hung over is like. And I imagine it is like this. Fragile, headachy, vaguely unwell, bruised and concerned about what happened whilst I was doing what I did to get hung over. Yes?
Your kind comments, calls and emails help, really. I feel less alone, and more cherished.
Things are not actually any better, I just have a day's breathing space from yesterday. My night was restless, (my poor Bald Man too) I had a few nightmares, (unusual)so I am tired, but still too unhappy to go back to sleep.
I am deeply concerned about the effect of this fiasco on my husband. He is severely affected, sad and very down.
But, lest you should think that your Jo is completely woebegone and desolate, my intensely optimistic nature is poking its' head up. I have called the boy's team members, and the calls are filtering back slowly as we begin to put together a plan to help our little family and our son. I am deeply aware and grateful that our son has services not available to others, and I have a support group, (that includes you, my darlings) to help us weather this storm and figure out where to go from here. And my sunny self posits that this "event" perhaps is the good news, for we may be able to get a handle on things that would only get worse with time. And because some of this is taking place only in my imagination, I might as well win, dang it! Why imagine the worst, when the best is just as easy?

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Unknown said...

i do love the positive and optimistic outlook! That attitude probably makes it a little easier to face the day and love all (even us - warts and all)

Keep up the good spirits and good luck on working out a plan.

K J and the kids said...

You forgot the part about throwing up in your mouth a little.
and sometimes there's a lot of pressure that builds up in the backs of your eyes. so pretty much, you've got it.

I wish I could just cut out a small PIECE of that attitude of yours and bottle it up. just a SLIVER of that glimmer of hope you seem to radiate.

Hoping it all comes together for you.
now take 2 motrin with a coke slurpee and call me in the morning.
(there's something with the caffeine that's supposed to help hangovers :) however if I were you, I'd take 2 shots of whiskey..I'm pretty sure that would help take the edge off ) ha ha

FosterAbba said...

Hang in there...

And if you need me, you know where to find me.


Holly said...

Thinking about you today and hurting for you. Glad your outlook is looking up a bit and peaking out. Was awake at 4am with thoughts of you and yours. I'm here, I hope you know that.

Maggie said...

I know that hung over feeling well. Both from Slugger's storms and from my college years. You're right. They are surprisingly similar in a physical sense. But drinking doesn't leave your mind so emotionally worn out.

I don't what exactly your family is going through right now, but I know this... when Slugger and I went through our worst ever patch, I got to a point where I couldn't imagine things being better again. And they are better now. We made it through. So I'm reminding you of that now and hoping it's applicable to what you're going through.

Gawdess said...

sounds like a hangover to me - and like you are hanging in and going the distance - when I am running the 50km races - I just keep breaking it up into one step at a time - keeps me going.
Much love

bon said...

I have had BOTH kinds of hangovers, and honey? I'll take the booze hangover over the emotional one ANY DAY. But you are correct... they are very similar, only chances are, you had some pretty good fun obtaining the former, and it's NEVER any fun getting yourself the latter. It's all suckage and horror, and no getting laid or singing off-color lyrics at the top of your lungs.

Take care of you, and that sweet family of yours.

Jessica G. said...

Oh my goodness, sweetie! I hope the sun starts shining again in Tangled Land...I've been away from the computer lately and had no idea about these problems.

But cure for an emotional hangover is to chat with a friend about unimportant things over a nice piece of cheesecake. :)

Jo said...

Jessica darling, sign me up!

Jillybean said...

Hang in there Jo.

I agree with Jessica. Cheesecake. It's way better than chicken soup.

Mongoose said...

You're right, imagining good outcomes is better for the soul than imagining bad ones.

Sorry I wasn't around earlier, I didn't have time to read blogs during my duty cycle. I hope you're holding up and that help comes soon.