Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mid Week Update and A Meme

Let's see! Updates all around. Little Man is doing so much better. There is still intermittent foulness, but it is spaced with good behavior so it is much more tolerable. Everything is easier when I get some smiles during the day. I got to go to IKEA yesterday. I didn't find what I was looking for, Basket Charming, but I did get to wander around, eat swedish meatballs and that is good stuff maynard!
I have a busy, busy day tomorrow, so I shall leave you some entertainment while I am gone. First I have a meeting with the medicaid waiver people. (Just in case you were wondering, every state has a medicaid waiver program, aimed at people who have disabilities. This particular program is the one that pays for Little Man's summer program and his theraputic afterschool program. And HOPEFULLY at some point, some respite again! Without them, I would have lost my mind. We meet once a year so as you can imagine, this meeting is ULTRA important, albeit, a tad boring) Then I have to scoot on down to Salt Lake City for a training with some legislators that I was invited to attend as a lobbyist. I am quite flattered that I was invited, it is a really small, select group. I am just praying I don't say or do something stupid! And about an hour after that, I have class I am taking on cultural literacy. So as I said, very busy tomorrow!
In the meantime, I was tagged for a cute meme by Eliza's Mom,where you interview your kids about how they perceive you and what you do. I interviewed the Pea, I might try Little Man, but we will see.
What was grandma like as a child? The Pea: You were drawing on your cousins high chair. (She just did that and got in trouble for it.)

How old is grandma? The Pea: She shrugs.

How tall is grandma? The Pea: She is taller

What is grandma’s favorite thing to do? The Pea: Like to play games

What does grandma do when you’re not around? The Pea: You drive

If grandma becomes famous, what will it be for? I didn’t ask her this one.

What is grandma really good at? The Pea:You do good when you drive and then you left.
(I have no idea why she said that)

What is grandma not very good at? The Pea: You were naughty in the van. (I wasn't but I do drive a van. Hmmm)

What is grandma’s job? The Pea: I tired. (meaning she doesn't want to answer)

What is grandma’s favorite food? eggs (she then trotted off to the kitchen, grabbed the eggs out of the fridge and demanded her mommy cook them for her. She didn't eat them)
What makes you proud of grandma? The Pea: I have to go to bed (avoiding the question again!

If mom were a cartoon character, who would she be? I skipped this one too. Although I suppose she answered it in her own way, because at the time I was Grandma dinosaur, and she was Pea dino and we were going to bed in hat!

What do you and grandma do together? Play games!(Which I find amusing, because we don't play any kind of structured game, although we do play together a lot)

How are you and grandma the same? This was the end of the questions, because she just ignored me after this one!

How are you and mom different?
How do you know mom loves you?

We were quite entertained by her silliness. If you wish to play along, consider yourself officially tagged!
And for my final bit of silliness, here ya go! Doggy torture!

The Pea wouldn't get her jammies on, so we told her we were going to put them on Jack. Kind of backfired on poor Jack when the Pea said, put them on Jack!
Toodles dears! Play nicely til I get back to the puter.

4 Kids Who Want To Play:

elizasmom said...

Ha. I am enjoying the randomness of her answers very much! I knew she'd be entertaining.

Good luck with the lobbying and with your Medicaid meeting!

Deb said...

Jack is rockin the pic nighties though!
I would love to play the meme, but...well..that aint gonna happen anytime soon.
Maybe with Stress #2

K J and the kids said...

I am calling animal services. I watch the ASPCA...I know animal abuse when I see it.

Good luck with your big busy day !

Holly said...

I have just the Cat for Jack. He's sporting a nightgown over at my blog. Funny we both posted our dressed up animals today.

Hope your busy day went well and love the interview with the Pea.